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Details of the US plan for the post-war phase in Gaza

A Zionist newspaper mentioned the details of the American plan for the post-war period in the Gaza Strip.

report Mehr News Agency, citing Russia Eliom, the Zionist newspaper Times of Israel wrote in a report referring to the clauses of the American plan for the post-war period in Gaza: 10 clauses have been proposed in this plan. One of the clauses of the American plan is to request the international community to rebuild the Gaza Strip and reopen the crossings leading to this strip with the aim of sending humanitarian aid.

In their plan, the Americans oppose the continuation of the administration of Gaza by Hamas and want the disarmament of this group.

In this plan, Washington wants the resumption of negotiations between Tel Aviv and the Palestine Liberation Organization and supports the formation of an independent and viable Palestinian state based on the June 1967 borders. slow.

In the US plan, the process of normalizing relations has not been forgotten and the possibility of normalizing relations between Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries with the Zionist regime has been mentioned.


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