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Holding elections in France before the Olympics is extremely troublesome

The mayor of Paris described the French president's decision to hold early parliamentary elections in the country a few weeks before the start of the 2024 Olympics as "extremely troubling".

report Mehr News quoted by Rashatoudi, Paris Mayor Anna Hidalgo says that French President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to hold early parliamentary elections in this country shortly before the start of the Summer Olympics is highly It is problematic.

Hidalgo pointed out that Macron’s sudden decision shocked him and said: “Like many people, I was surprised to hear the president’s decision to dissolve the National Assembly.” .

However, the mayor of Paris claimed that after the disastrous results of his party (Macron) in the European Parliament elections, when will he understand the necessity of Macron’s request to hold elections.

He added: Although Macron cannot act as if nothing happened, the decision to dissolve the National Assembly right before the games is really very troublesome.

Of course, the mayor of Paris went on to try to downplay the possible impact of this decision on the Olympics, claiming that early elections would not actually disrupt their work because preparations They are largely completed to host the games.

He added: All that remains is to welcome the whole world and we will do it with the pride we should have to host the Olympics and Paralympics. .

Thomas Bach, the president of the International Olympic Committee, took a similar stance and claimed that “the upcoming elections are a democratic procedure and will not disrupt the games.” France is used to holding elections and will do so once again.”

The French are supposed to go to the polls on June 30 (July 10) to elect a new National Assembly, and the second round is scheduled for July 7. This year’s Summer Olympic Games will be held in Paris from July 26 to August 11 (August 5 to 21).

Macron decided to dissolve the country’s parliament after his coalition performed poorly in the European Parliament elections. Macron’s coalition is expected to win only about 15 percent of the vote, less than half of what is expected for the far-right National Rally party of France’s ruling opposition leader Marine Le Pen.


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