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Yemen upset the equations of America in the Middle East

An American center announced that, contrary to predictions, the efforts of the United States and the United Kingdom to stop the attacks in Yemen have failed and the Yemenis have messed up the calculations of the United States in the Middle East

report Mehr News Agency Citing Al Mayadin, the American Wilson Center announced that the actions of the Yemeni armed forces against Tel Aviv in the Red Sea continue despite the efforts of the United States and its allies.

According to the announcement of this center, these unexpected tensions have created deep security challenges for the US and its allies in the region, and contrary to predictions, the efforts made by US warships And the British and their European allies have not been able to stop the Yemeni attacks and there is not even a possibility of their victory.

This American center adds that the emergence of the power of the Yemeni armed forces in firing missiles and various drones has messed up America’s security calculations in the Middle East.

Yemenis continue their operations in support of the war in Gaza by targeting Zionist ships and ships sailing to the ports of the occupied territories. With the United States and England entering the war in the region and attacking various Yemeni centers, these countries have also been among the targets of the Yemeni armed forces.

Yahi Saree, the spokesman of the Yemeni armed forces, revealed last month the beginning of the fourth phase of Yemeni operations against the Zionist regime and announced that in addition to attacking Zionist ships and ships that They move towards the ports of the Zionist regime, this country targets the ports of the Zionist regime as well.

Recently, the Yemeni armed forces started joint cooperation with the Iraqi resistance forces to attack the vital centers of the Zionist regime in support of the heroic nation of Gaza and their resistance against the Zionists. And they have announced that these attacks will continue until the crimes and genocide of the Zionist regime in Gaza do not stop.


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