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Gantz’s resignation and the deepening of Tel Aviv’s domestic and international crisis

Benny Gantz's resignation from the Zionist regime's war cabinet, in addition to revealing some truths about the depth of the divide in the Zionist society, has several consequences for this regime at the domestic and international levels.

report Mehr News quoted by Al Jazeera, with the passing of a short time since the resignation of Benny Gantz and two other senior members of the Zionist regime’s war cabinet, analyzes about the consequences of this event for Tel Aviv at various levels, especially In the midst of the Gaza war, it continues.

The consequences of Gantz’s resignation on the war process and the Tel Aviv political scene

Gantz’s resignation has many implications for everything related to the Gaza war and the day after. This incident can affect the ceasefire negotiations in Gaza and the exchange of prisoners, and its reflection on the political arena of the Zionist regime will be clear soon. Meanwhile, many Zionist experts believe that the resignation of Benny Gantz will complicate the political process in Tel Aviv and will play an important role in widening and deepening the divide in the Zionist society.

Most Zionist analysts agree that Benny Gantz’s resignation from the Israeli war cabinet will increase the influence and hegemony of the extreme right over this cabinet, and especially the control of “Itmar” Internal Security Minister Ben Gower and Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich of the extreme right-wing Israeli cabinet strengthen the military establishment and the war process. This will reduce the possibility of reaching an agreement for a ceasefire and exchange of prisoners.

On the other hand, these analysts believe that the extreme right’s control over the War Cabinet and their one-sidedness increases extremism in the positions of the Zionist regime; This helps the international community to delegitimize the extreme Tel Aviv cabinet and also increases the differences with the US government, the West and various institutions.

“Nahum Barnia” political analyst of the Hebrew newspaper Yedioth Aharonot believes that the departure of Benny Gantz from the war cabinet will have many consequences on the Tel Aviv political scene and make it more ambiguous and It makes it more complicated.

This Zionist analyst announced: With the departure of Benny Gantz from the War Cabinet, War Minister Yoaf Galant and Army Chief of Staff Hertzi Halevi are against the right cabinet. Extremists headed by Benjamin Netanyahu are left alone; A cabinet that doesn’t know what to do in this emergency situation and takes irresponsible actions regarding the war process and negotiations related to the exchange of prisoners.

The international consequences of Gantz’s resignation for Tel Aviv

He said about the consequences of Benny Gantz’s resignation for the Zionist regime at the international level: Gantz’s departure from the war cabinet and the dissolution of this cabinet, negotiations with foreign governments and the international community It makes the US government more difficult for Netanyahu. In the meantime, the role of Ben Gower and Smotrich will become more prominent, and the extreme right-wing cabinet of Israel will be in a state of confrontation and conflict with the whole world.

Nahum Barnia stated: The army will continue to carry out its military operations against Gaza, but the gaps between the reserve forces and the army will widen; In particular, the far-right cabinet in Tel Aviv plans to expand its control over the military. We will also witness the spread of protests, especially by the families of Zionist prisoners, against the cabinet.

On the other hand, Yossi Werter, an analyst of party affairs in the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz, stated in this context: Even when Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot are in the cabinet. Israel War was present, Ben Goyer and Smotrich surrounded this cabinet and had the last word in it. With the resignation of Benny Gantz, Netanyahu’s coalition returns to its original size with 64 Knesset members; A coalition that has corrupted Tel Aviv.

This Zionist analyst assesses that Netanyahu will probably move towards the dissolution of the war cabinet in order to preserve his authority.

Criticizing the poor performance of the Zionist government’s cabinet in the Gaza war and the quagmire in which the occupying army is trapped, he emphasized: the army is trapped in Gaza without any strategy. To retreat or to plan for the day after the war, the result of the extreme control of Ben Guer and Smotrich over the war cabinet and the cabinet coalition, which has led to the continuation of chaos in the West Bank and the intensification of the settlers’ violent actions.

Political terrorism!

Among these challenges and complexities of the political scene of the Zionist regime, some circles and analysts of this regime criticized the action of Benny Gantz in resigning from the war cabinet. Dr. Avery Fartman, a lecturer and researcher at the University of Wales, England, declared in an article published in the Hebrew newspaper Israel Hum: Benny Gantz is a politician who destroyed the unity of the Israeli society in the middle of the war. He emphasized: The secret of Gantz’s success and his growth in the political arena was due to his security doctrine and his approach to emergency situations, which led the Zionists to unity and worried about Israel’s security. But his decision to resign from the war cabinet a day after the “rescue operation” [referring to the release of 4 Israeli prisoners in the brutal killing of a thousand Palestinian civilians by the Zionist regime army in the Nusirat camp in the center of the Gaza Strip] is an irresponsible political terrorism. /p>

This Zionist analyst and researcher stated: With the resignation of Gantz, it became clear that he and Netanyahu do not agree on the future of the Gaza Strip and the status of the Palestinian Authority, as well as the prisoner exchange deal. .


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