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America canceled the arms embargo on the “notorious” battalion of the Ukrainian army!

The United States canceled the restrictions on the transfer of weapons and military training to one of the notorious battalions of the Ukrainian army!

report Mehr News Agency quoted by Independent, the US State Department announced in a statement that the restrictions imposed by Washington against the “Azov” battalion of the Ukrainian army in the field of weapons transfer and military training have been canceled.

This battalion was facing accusations of “right-wing” links, and now the US State Department has claimed in this statement that there is no evidence of gross human rights violations by this battalion. Battalion not found!

This infamous battalion is now integrated into the National Guard of Ukraine under the title “12th Special Forces Division”. The lifting of the aforementioned restrictions against this battalion can, in addition to helping Kiev, lead to the escalation of tension on the front line of the battle between Ukraine and Russia.

Azov Battalion, in response to this American action, wrote on the Instagram page affiliated with this battalion: This is a new page in the history of our unit. Azov becomes more powerful and professional and dangerous for the invaders!

Since the beginning of the Russian military operation in Ukraine in February 2022, the Azov battalion has been trying to clear its tarnished face from accusations of extreme nationalism and to establish itself as a unit. Introduce professionally and effectively. Moscow has repeatedly introduced this battalion as a group with the roots of “Nazism” and accused it of cruelty and brutality, war crimes and human rights violations. The Supreme Court of Moscow declared Azov a terrorist group in 2022.


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