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Hebrew Media: Negotiations will be conducted only within the general framework of Biden’s plan

A Hebrew-language media reported, quoting a high-ranking Israeli official, that the negotiations regarding the exchange of prisoners and the ceasefire will be held only on the general framework of the Biden initiative.
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according to the Hebrew group Tasnim News Agency, Ynet Hebrew news site in a report quoted by A high-ranking official in the Israeli negotiating team claimed that, from Israel’s point of view, Hamas’s response to the plan proposed by US President Joe Biden is completely negative. After the agreement was made by Hamas, we should still have the pressure levers to implement it.

This unnamed source stated : The mediators should continue the negotiations in such a way that the general framework of the initiative supported by the Security Council and Biden is the context of the negotiations and not another agreement. Next, the agreement should be reviewed.

This high-ranking official emphasized in this regard, no commitment from Israel to end the war and Until all the men and bodies return in the second stage, we will continue to have this leverage until the agreement is fully implemented.

He added: Israel is not ready for a ceasefire before these issues are realized, but it is ready to negotiate a complete ceasefire.

According to this report, the Prime Minister of Qatar provided the answers of Hamas to the head of the Mossad last Tuesday, and it was found that Hamas is not ready to accept the proposal of Israel that was presented by the President of the United States late last month, and from Israel’s view of Hamas has completely changed this proposal. The protests against him are increasing day by day in different cities of occupied Palestine and the number of Zionists who want his resignation and even trial is increasing.

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