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The retreat of 13 cents in the price of oil in the world market

Brent oil and American oil prices decreased by 13 cents in the trading of the last hours of the global energy market.

According to mehr reporter to Quoting from Bloomberg, in the trading of the global energy market in the last hours, the price of Brent North Sea oil decreased by 13 cents to 84.12 dollars per barrel.

Oil West Texas Intermediate also registered a similar decrease and is now trading at 80.20 cents per barrel.

According to the information base of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC, each barrel of oil produced by this organization was sold at 83.1 dollars in the last transactions recorded in the world market.

According to Reuters, the reason for today’s drop in oil prices after its growth in the previous trading day is traders’ cautious view of oil demand in the coming months because there is an expectation that we will see an increase in supply to the market.

Of course, both Brent oil and American oil experienced a 2% price increase on the last trading day.


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