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Israel’s deadlock against al-Sanwar’s tactics and Gaza’s death ambushes

The successive field failures of the Zionist army in Gaza under the shadow of the great stalemate of this regime on the northern front, which shows the strength and tact of the resistance in war management and negotiations, shed light on several truths.
– International News

According to the international group Tasnim news agency, “Abdulbari Atwan” editor of the regional newspaper Rayalyoum and a prominent analyst In his new note, the Palestinian pointed out the recent achievements of the resistance fighters in the battle against the Zionist enemy in different areas of Gaza and wrote: the state of chaos and confusion that the occupying Zionist regime is experiencing these days and the defiance of the military commanders of this regime against its political authorities It clarifies the basic issue:- The stability of the resistance and the intensification of individual operations and laying ambushes for the enemy forces had a significant effect on the erosion of the Israeli army’s manpower and weakened the morale of the Zionist soldiers even more.

– The next point is related to the tact and foresight of the leaders and commanders of the resistance in the Gaza Strip and their correct reading of the internal situation of the Zionist regime and thwarting all the plans of this regime, without paying the slightest attention to its threats. This correct and calculated view of the resistance and its command is well reflected in the intelligent management of the ceasefire negotiations. A complete ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, the complete withdrawal of the occupying forces from Gaza, prioritizing the reconstruction of Gaza and the unconditional return of the refugees to their regions, all at one stage and with a basic guarantee.

– The third point is related to the complete coordination between the resistance axis groups from Palestine to Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria, which shows itself in the framework of the strategy of intensifying field strikes and intensifying missile and drone attacks deep into the occupied lands; So that it is very difficult for the army of the occupying regime and forced it to fight on several fronts at the same time.

– The fourth point is related to the complete and absolute independence of the political and military level of the resistance in the Gaza Strip. ; So that the political leaders and military commanders of the resistance are not influenced by any foreign factors and have not succumbed to the pressure of the Arab mediators that was done at the request of the United States. Such independence is unprecedented in the history of Palestine and even the entire Arab world. Abdulbari Atwan emphasized in the continuation of his article: the policy of long patience and strategic patience followed by the wise and intelligent leadership and command of the resistance caused the defeat of American conspiracies and Its allies resisted in imposing a temporary and deceptive truce and failed the enemy; While the US sought to save the Zionist regime from internal crises and inevitable defeat with the trap of “temporary ceasefire”. This Palestinian analyst added: The leaders and commanders of the resistance in Gaza must still be vigilant. and be careful against any kind of tactical ceasefire by the army of the occupying regime; Because the Zionist army is the same army that launched a criminal and genocidal war against Gaza during the last 8 months and martyred more than 37 thousand innocent civilians. The Zionist criminal regime does not know anything called humanity and has never adhered to any law, and in terms of brutality and criminality, it has surpassed Nazism and fascism.

Abd al-Bari Atwan continued: The destruction of the armored personnel carrier of the Israeli army (Nimr ) which is considered to be the most advanced personnel carrier in the world and the death of its 8 passengers in al-Sultan neighborhood located in the southwest of Rafah in an operation calculated by al-Qassam battalions is an important turning point in the Gaza war; Because he practically proved to the generals of the Zionist army that victory in such a war is impossible and Israel’s defeat is certain. The commanders and fighters of the al-Qassam and Saraya al-Quds battalions are very skilled in individual wars, while the signs of the defeat of the occupying regime’s army are still visible. To the extent that some soldiers of the Israeli army prefer to commit suicide rather than go to war.

In the rest of this article, it is stated: Yahya Al-Sanwar, the head of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and his right-hand man, Mohammad Al-Dzeif, the commander of Al-Qassam Battalions. From a depth of 60 meters in underground tunnels engineered and built by capable minds, they manage the battle with an intelligent strategy on two levels: the first is the military level and the second is the negotiation level. This Palestinian resistance strategy will be taught in all military academies in the world after this.

The author of this note emphasized at the end: Netanyahu failed to achieve any of his goals and the Zionist army commanders disobeyed the orders. He gathers his personal belongings, including a toothbrush and what’s left of canned goods, and is preparing to go to a dark cell, which may be the same cell that Ehud Olmert, the former prime minister of the occupation regime, had after the defeat. He had gone there in the July 2006 war against Hezbollah, so that Netanyahu would be thrown into the dustbin of history along with other Zionist leaders.

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