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Former head of Shabak: Israel is threatened by vital dangers

Another leader of the security organizations of the Zionist regime joined the group of protesters against the policies of Netanyahu and his coalition.
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According to the Hebrew group Tasnim news agency, Hebrew media announced, Yufal Diskin, former head of the service Shabak, the intelligence and internal security of the Zionist regime, emphasized in a speech that Israel is facing serious life threats, while Netanyahu believes that if he is not the king, we do not deserve the country either.

According to this media report, Yufal Diskin, the former head of Shabak, emphasized among the demonstrators in Tel Aviv: Iran is moving towards intensifying our blockade, so far there is no record that Israel is weak in deterrence in such a situation. Yes, what is Netanyahu doing, what is the most failed prime minister in our history doing in the face of this crisis? He just legalized desertion and stabbed the security forces in the back.

Diskin announced in the introduction of his speech: “For several weeks now I could not give a positive answer to the requests to join the protests, but in the end I changed my mind, during this time I had the impression that it was not the right time to change the cabinet and one should not change the cabinet during the war, but every day I surprised myself again. I see the inefficiency of the cabinet, the inefficient management of the war, the spread of a lie in the name of a decisive victory, the complete escape from responsibility, the destruction of strategic relations with the United States, and perhaps the biggest and most important of all, the loss of the opportunity to return our prisoners, our brothers and sisters who are held captive by Hamas. Living! They are in this direction.

Now it is clear that we are facing the most failed prime minister in the history of Israel, he has led us to It advanced a multi-dimensional strategy both at the level of internal security and at the level of regional and even international security.

The alignment of all these threats It has brought us to the threshold of a critical time.

That is why I decided to join the protesters and explain the complexity and dangers of this crisis. , and at the same time say that there is a solution to get out of the situation. legal and illegal immigration has endangered Israel’s internal security, organized crime has spread throughout Israel, some areas are no longer under control, and the police forces are weak and tired.

  • Never before have we been so unable to access the areas we seek to operate in, we are on the verge of completely losing security control, which It has caused us to see frequent air and sea threats.
  • Never before have we lost control of the radical Jewish community like this, and They can do whatever they want while Betzleel Smutrich and Itmar ben Gower will fully support them. The direct and strategic order of a prime minister failed to allow the growth and development of a group like Hamas, the consequences of which we received on October 7.
  • The danger of Iran has cast a shadow over us more than ever, the prime minister of Israel, with his strategic follies, made this country free from all its nuclear obligations, and since then, it has accelerated the increase of its nuclear power and the ring of fire. around us through his allies in Yemen and through Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. It is a condition of weak deterrence, despite the army and security structure not being ready to deal with these dangerous threats and close to each other, it has caused the security and military structures and units to collapse.
  • But what does this prime minister, who is the most failed prime minister in the history of Israel, do? Together with his friends in the ruling coalition, he approves the law of desertion (extremist Jews) from compulsory service, and with this, he puts a long and sharp dagger into the side of our children, both the personnel and military forces, and what caution, those who every day have a number of They are killed or injured in this war, and some of them have not returned home for more than 200 days.

    Diskin in another part of the speech. Addressing the Israeli politicians, the Likud member said: I am speaking to you, Yoaf Galant, Nir Barkat, Yisrael Katz and Avi Dichter, you were commanders and soldiers in the past, is this the legacy you want to leave behind? Mr. Yuli Edelstein, Chairman of the Knesset Foreign and Security Committee, is this your legacy, Chaim Kats, who controls the Likud structure, you leave this legacy.

    You know very well that polls show that 70% of Likud voters are against the law on the escape of extreme Jews from compulsory military service, we ask you to wake up and save Israel from destruction!

    Taking this unrealistic step in the most dangerous period in Israel’s history can only be taken by someone who believes that if he is not meant to be king So we don’t deserve the country either.

    So we also have messages for Bibi, we are not your slaves, you are completely extreme, what about lying Hait, we are extreme in narcissism, endless arrogance and disconnection from reality.

    Israeli General: Continuation of war with Netanyahu’s presence will cause collapse
    Hamas: Resistance is the cause of the collapse of the war cabinet of the occupiers. We need a different leadership, a leader who is responsible, a leader who sympathizes with the victims, a leader who knows how to sympathize with the intense pain and suffering that the families of the abductees are going through, a leader who loves his people and not himself. /p>

    The dangers that threaten Israel these days are on the verge of becoming critical, we are in dire need of a new, legitimate and wise cabinet.

    The former head of Shabak also offered solutions and said:

    1. The return of all abductees through an agreement that includes the disarmament of the Gaza Strip, the cessation of smuggling through Philadelphia, the management of the Gaza Strip and its civilian reconstruction, along with the establishment of a security strip around the Gaza Strip.
    2. Restore security to the northern borders through political agreement or war so that the settlers can be returned to their homes and the settlements can be rebuilt. .
    3. immediate entry into the possibility of compromise with Saudi Arabia and the establishment of a regional coalition against Iran at the same time as an agreement to examine the conditions for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict .
    4. Establishment of an official investigation committee to examine the relationship between the political and military levels and the relationship between Netanyahu’s strategies, which has led to us being on the edge of critical danger.
    5. Immediate reconstruction of the army, Shabak, police and Mossad and their organization to deal with risks in the framework of the new security concept that new challenges have created.

    end of message/


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