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Tragedy of Khan Younes; From the complete obliteration of a city to decomposed bodies

Following the withdrawal of the occupying forces from areas in the Gaza Strip, the bodies of 409 martyrs in Khan Yunis, as well as the Shafa hospital complex and its surroundings in Gaza City, have been removed from the rubble by the Gaza Civil Defense Organization.

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The military operations that the Palestinian resistance forces started against the occupiers under the name of Al-Aqsa Storm on the morning of Saturday, October 7, corresponding to the middle of October 1402, was a continuation of the war that the occupiers have been fighting against for years. The Palestinian people have started. October 7 is considered a special day in the contemporary history of the world, especially in the history of the West Asian region.

During the decades of occupation of Palestine, the Zionist regime has not given up on any crimes against the Palestinians and there is a long list of crimes committed by the occupiers against the original inhabitants of Palestine and the Arabs.

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In this opportunity, we introduced Khan Yunus and reviewed some of the most important crimes committed by the Zionist regime against the Palestinians in this region over the past few decades, which are detailed below. The report comes;

Khan Younes; The second most populated city in the Gaza Strip

The city of Khan Younis in 1387 AD, 4 km from the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, south of Rafah city, north of Deir al-Balah city, on the ruins of the ancient fortress of Jenis by “Younes Norouzi Dovadar” from The Mamluk dynasty is established.

This city is one of the 16 Palestinian provinces in the south of the Gaza Strip, which is administered by the Palestinian Authority. According to the data of the Central Bureau of Statistics of Palestine in 2006, its population was 280,000. It is also the second most populous and largest city in the Gaza Strip after Gaza City.

After the First World War, it was removed from the Ottoman rule and placed in the British territory of Palestine. In the United Nations partition resolution, Palestine was supposed to be a part of the Arab country, which was never formed. This city was captured by Egypt during the 1948 war between the Zionist regime and the Arabs. Therefore, the Khan Yunis refugee camp was built this year and initially had a population of 35,000 people.

In the 1956 war, the Suez Canal was occupied by the Zionists for a while, and they withdrew from it after the ceasefire. In the 6-day war of 1967, the Zionist regime occupied it again, and finally, with the formation of the Palestinian Authority, it has been administered by this government.

تراژدی خان یونس؛ از محو کامل یک شهر تا پیکرهای تجزیه شده

The killing of Khan Younes on November 3, 1956

The Khan Younis massacre took place on November 3, 1956 in the Palestinian town of Khan Younis and the refugee camp of the same name nearby in the Gaza Strip during the Suez Crisis. According to Bani Morris, during the operation of the Zionist military to reopen the Straits of Tiran under the siege of Egypt, the Zionists shot two hundred Palestinians in Khan Yunis and Rafah. According to the book Triangle of Destiny written by Noam Chomsky and quoted by Donald Neff, 275 Palestinians were killed in a brutal house-to-house search for devotees; While it is said that 111 other people were killed in Rafah.

After this incident and the curfew, the citizens of Gaza were prevented from taking the bodies of their fellow villagers and burying them in the area during the night. scattered The wounded victims of the shooting were taken to Gaza City for treatment by the International Committee of the Red Cross. Against international pressure, the Zionist regime left Gaza and Sinai in March 1957. A short time later, a mass grave was discovered near Khan Yunis, containing the roped bodies of forty Palestinian men who had been shot in the back of the head.

Palestinian sources put the death toll at 415, plus another 57 who are missing or missing. According to Abdelaziz Rantisi, the leader of Hamas, in the following years, who witnessed the execution of an 8-year-old child and his uncle, 525 Gazans were brutally killed by the Zionist army.

The transformation of Khan Yunis into a ruin of stones and rubble

Palestinian resistance groups on 15 Mehr 1402, equal to 7 October 2023, started the “Al-Aqsa Storm” operation from Gaza, south of Palestine, against the positions of the occupying Quds regime, which this regime In order to retaliate against the attacks of the Al-Aqsa storm, compensate for its failure and stop the resistance operations, with the support of the United States and some Western countries, it has closed the crossings of the Gaza Strip and is brutally bombarding this area. Today, 9 months have passed since the ground operations of the occupying army in the Gaza Strip. During this period, after the targeted destruction by the soldiers of the Zionist regime, Khan Yunis has turned into a ruin of stones and debris, which will not be possible to live in again for a long time. This city has been completely erased from the geography of Palestine.

Sami Al-Abdaleh; After returning to the city and seeing the condition of his house in the Gaza Strip, one of the residents of Khan Younes said: “You will not find any healthy house in this city. The extent of the destruction is so terrible that even the residents of the city who were displaced from here and had to return, were shocked by the severity of the destruction.”

Said Al Fara; Another resident of Khan Yunis also said: “We returned to the city with the idea that we would find our belongings in our houses, shops and rooms; We saw that the city was completely turned into a pile of rubble. As a result, we plan to return to our previous shelter in Rafah”.

تراژدی خان یونس؛ از محو کامل یک شهر تا پیکرهای تجزیه شده

Attack on al-Hanawi and Hayat school

The occupying Quds regime attacked al-Hanawi Madrasah in Al-Alam area, west of Khan Yunis. In this attack, 14 Palestinians were killed and several were injured. Another Palestinian was killed and five Palestinians were injured in an attack by the Zionist regime on Hayat School in Khan Yunis. Also, the Palestinian media reported that the occupying army has bombed one of the schools in Absan town east of Khan Yunis 6 times.

Abdullah Azzam Mosque was not spared either

Fifty-six days after Al-Aqsa storm, Sheikh Nasser area, Abu Hamid Square, Al-Tarakhis area, near Jalal Street, Al-Mahta neighborhood and Al-Katibah area in the center of Khan Yunis city. There have been heavy airstrikes. The south of Khan Younis city has also witnessed heavy attacks by the Zionist army. Also, the Abdullah Azzam Mosque in the western part of Khan Yunis was not spared from the attacks.

Fayaz neighborhood, Al-Ghwafir area, Al-Motahan area, Al-Abadin street to the northeastern areas of Al-Qararah town in Khan Yunis have also witnessed bombing and shelling. The war boats of the Zionist regime also targeted the coastal areas of Deir al-Balah. The Jabalia camp in the north of the Gaza Strip has been the target of heavy artillery attacks by the Zionist regime. During these attacks, dozens of Palestinian citizens were martyred and injured.

decomposed bodies under the rubble

Gaza Civil Defense Organization also stated in a statement: “The bodies of 15 martyrs of different ages, including some children, as a result of the attacks of the Zionist regime in different areas of Khan Yunis from He got out from under the rubble. These bodies belong to the Palestinians who were martyred during the aggression of the Zionist army in this area. The said bodies were decomposed or on the verge of decomposition due to remaining on the roads and under the debris.

Following the withdrawal of the occupying forces from areas in the Gaza Strip, the bodies of 409 martyrs in Khan Yunis, as well as the Shefa hospital complex and its surroundings in Gaza City, by the Gaza Civil Defense Organization It has been removed from the rubble. A large number of Gazans have reported the disappearance of their children and loved ones during the occupation of various areas of this strip by the Zionist regime. Also, the bodies of dozens of martyrs remain under the rubble of destroyed houses.

تراژدی خان یونس؛ از محو کامل یک شهر تا پیکرهای تجزیه شده

Evacuation of the last active Khan Yunis hospital

On Tuesday, July 12, hours after the occupying army issued an order to the residents of the eastern areas of Khan Yunis to evacuate there under the pretext of launching rockets from inside this city towards the settlements of Gohal. Gaza, the fighters of the Zionist regime carried out severe attacks on different areas of Khan Yunis. The intense bombardment of the Zionist regime on this city left eight martyrs and more than 30 wounded who were transferred to Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Yunis in the south of the Gaza Strip.

In the attack of the occupying army on a group of civilians near the intersection of al-Muthahn in the north of Khan Yunis, a number of people were martyred and injured. Also, as a result of the bombing of Qizan neighborhood in Rashvan, south of Khan Younis city, one person was martyred and three people were injured. A number of people were martyred in Absan and Khaza’ah in Khan Younis, as the rescue teams failed to reach the injured. The situation of Khan Yunis displaced people looks sad as most of them were children sleeping in the open. Video clips on social networks show displaced people spending the night on the streets.

Gaza European Hospital, the last active hospital in Khan Yunis province, witnessed the evacuation of patients, refugees and medical equipment after the occupation ordered to evacuate the eastern areas and neighborhoods.

Video footage showed the evacuation of entire wards at the European Hospital in Gaza, including patient wards and tents for displaced people preparing to move to new areas. . The Zionist army announced that the residents and displaced people of Al-Qararah, Bani Soheila, Absan, Khaza’a, Al-Fakhari, Al-Shouka and Al-Nasr areas should be evacuated immediately. The European Hospital in Gaza is one of these areas that have received the orders of the occupiers.

Discovering a mass grave

Gaza emergency forces removed the bodies of 50 Palestinians from the mass grave of Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Yunis. The Gaza Civil Defense Organization has announced in its statement that the bodies of 50 Palestinians who were martyred by the occupying forces of the Zionist regime have been removed from the mass grave. Our teams will continue to search and recover the remaining martyrs in the coming days, as there are still a significant number of them.


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