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Two Zionist military and air bases under fire from Hezbollah

Lebanon's Hezbollah announced that it has targeted the "Al-Baghdadi" military base and the "Miron" air base of the Israeli army with dozens of missiles.

reportedAl Manar, Hezbollah issued two separate statements about targeting two military and air bases of the Zionist regime in northern Palestine. Occupy announced.

It is stated in Hezbollah’s statements: To support the steadfast nation and the brave and honorable resistance of Palestine in the Gaza Strip and to respond to the aggressions and especially the terror that the Zionist enemy committed yesterday in the region Al-Baqaa commited, the Mujahideen of the Islamic Resistance attacked the headquarters of the surveillance unit and air operations department of Miron base this Sunday Jabal Al Jarmaq area was directly targeted with dozens of Katyusha missiles. In this attack, part of the equipment of the base was destroyed and a massive fire took place inside it.

The “Al-Baghdadi” military base of the occupying army was another place that was attacked at 11:50 pm today local time. It was the target of Hezbollah’s direct missile attack.


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