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US veterans react to Biden’s lie about serving in the military

US veterans criticized Biden for lying about serving in the US military.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, in his speech at the White House on the occasion of Independence Day, said that he was present on the battlefields.

According to Fox News, American veterans criticized the president of this country because he has never served in the military.

“It’s always a bad idea when a politician tries to portray himself as having served in the military and somehow aligning his service with the men and women who served in the military,” said Darren Selnick, a former White House adviser on veterans affairs. The American army serves the same.”

He said that Joe Biden talks about himself every time he speaks, adding: “Just talk about the soldiers, think about the country, don’t attribute everything to yourself.”

It was previously known that many members of the Democratic Party in the US Congress are worried about the state of US President Joe Biden and his slim chance of defeating his rival Donald Trump. He gives his political opponents reasons to doubt his cognitive abilities. Republicans are using the issue in a bipartisan fight to question Biden’s ability to effectively lead the state.

Translator: Azam Purkand


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