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Chairman of the Israeli Labor Party: The current situation in Tel Aviv is catastrophic

The head of the Labor Party of the Zionist regime criticized the performance of Benjamin Netanyahu's cabinet.

Golan said: Describing the disaster is not enough for Israel’s current situation in the Gaza Strip. Continuation of this situation will lead to more victims and other disasters in line with the political survival of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s failed cabinet.

He clarified: What is going on is not only a disaster, but a failure, shame and boundless stupidity, and we are giving more casualties (on the front of the battle in the Gaza Strip and the front of the battle with Hezbollah in Lebanon) without having any goal. .

He said: We could have ended the war a long time ago by reaching an agreement on the exchange of prisoners (with the Hamas movement), use the opportunity of the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip to establish peace on the borders of Lebanon, restore life to the (Zionist) settlements. ) evacuated in the north and south (Occupied Palestine) and form a regional coalition with the full support of America.

Golan added: We could have done many things, but the destruction and destruction cabinet is unable to take any action for the benefit of Israel.

Golan had previously called for efforts to sign a ceasefire agreement for the exchange of prisoners between this regime and the Palestinian resistance.

He said: The ceasefire agreement will not only end the war against Gaza, but it can also end the conflicts in the north (the occupied territories on the border of Lebanon).

This Zionist official evaluated the ceasefire agreement as an “ideal” and “important” agreement both from the point of view that it will end the conflicts of the occupying regime on different fronts of the war and also from the point of view that it will lead to the release of the Zionist prisoners. had done.

The first round of negotiations between the Zionist regime and the Palestinian resistance for the exchange of prisoners of both sides was recently concluded in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s office confirmed on Friday night that the head of the Mossad spy agency, who went to Qatar to negotiate with Hamas, has returned from Doha to the occupied territories after the negotiation to report to the authorities.

Source: IRNA


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