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Every 1000 Iraqi dinars reached 40 thousand tomans

Today, Monday (July 18), every 1,000 Iraqi dinars reached 40,000 tomans in the open market.

reported Mehr News Agency Today, the price of 1000 Iraqi dinars in the open market has faced a price decrease like yesterday, so that today the price of every 1000 Iraqi dinars has reached 40 thousand tomans in the open market.

Mohammedreza Farzin, the head of the central bank, recently said that this year we are ready to offer the Arbaeen currency in the form of dinars after the Tasua and Ashura Hosseini ceremonies, in order to honor the pilgrims. Let’s start selected branches of the banking network.

According to him, in this year’s Arbaeen too, each pilgrim will be given 200,000 dinars at the ETS rate, which is exchanged at the Iranian currency and gold exchange center, and there will be no fees. Payments will be made through selected branches of the banking network in cities and villages so that visitors to Arbaeen Hosseini will not have any problems.



© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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