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The Zionists’ admission of Tel Aviv’s defeat at the beginning of the Gaza war

Ma'ariv newspaper admitted that the Zionist regime is stuck in the Gaza swamp 9 months after the war in which it was defeated from the beginning.

The Zionist newspaper Ma’ariv emphasized this Monday that this regime is in an endless war that destroys its economy and the reserve forces of the Zionist regime and weakens the achievement of victory every day.

According to the report of Sama Al-Akhbariya, after 9 months of war in Gaza, Ma’ariv wrote: Israel was defeated in the first hours of the Battle of al-Aqsa from 6:28 am on October 7. Israel was trying to recover from the blow and win the war, but the current war in the Gaza Strip is in conflict with Israel’s security doctrine.

The newspaper also compared the time periods between October 2023 and October 1973 and announced that Tel Aviv’s defeat last year in the face of the resistance in the Gaza Strip was more severe than the October War about 5 decades ago. In the continuation of Maariu’s report, it is stated: Israel was expected to engage in a sudden war with the strongest armies in the region and only watch the movements of Hamas.

Ma’ariu asked: But how did we reach a situation where Hamas was able to defeat the powerful, large and technological army for a few hours and deceive the Israeli intelligence service? The investigations conducted by the army and the Shin Bet, which were presented to the chief of the general staff of the army, Harzi Halevi, indicate the existence of shortcomings.

This Zionist newspaper explained that the military and political levels of this regime were completely blind to Hamas, while the doctrine followed in the south was wrong.

Maariu added: Politicization entered the army and the security and military institutions and affected the decision-making process and security steps, meanwhile the army faced disorder and alienation and could not control Hamas and the resistance.


What Maariv said at the end of this article confirms that the Zionist regime is still in hell 9 months after the war and is stuck deep in the Gaza swamp.

Translator: Mina Azimi


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