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The visit of the new British defense minister to Ukraine with new military promises

The new British defense minister traveled to Ukraine 48 hours after he was appointed to this position and met with the president of this country, Volodymyr Zelensky.

“John Haley”, the new British defense minister, promised new military aid to Ukraine during a visit to Odessa, while emphasizing that he would speed up the delivery of predetermined aid. will do.

Sky News TV reported that John Haley, in addition to meeting with President Zelensky, also met with his Ukrainian counterpart Rostam Umerov.

It should be noted that the British Labor Party has promised to send new weapons to Ukraine, and during this trip John Haley also mentioned this issue and promised to send ammunition, missiles and bullets to Ukraine.

The British Conservative Party suffered a heavy defeat in the parliamentary elections on Thursday and handed over power to the Labor Party after 14 years. According to the results of the British Parliament elections, the Labor Party has won 412 seats, the Conservative Party 121 seats, the Liberal Democratic Party 71 seats, the Scottish National Party 9 seats and the other parties have won 35 seats.
John Haley also promised equipment which the former British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak promised in April, will be sent by the new government within the first 100 days, including 90 anti-armor Brimstone missiles, 50 small military boats to support river operations and Sahel mentioned 40 demining devices and 61 bulldozers.

“There may have been a change in the government, but Britain is united with Ukraine,” said the British defense minister. As the new Defense Secretary, I will ensure that we step up UK aid by sending critical military equipment to Ukraine. Our commitment to support this country and stand against Putin’s war is firm. Our government is steadfast in its commitment to continue sending military aid.”


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