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The drone that caused the Zionists to panic about the war with Lebanon

A Zionist media investigated the dimensions of Tel Aviv's fear of one of Lebanon's Hezbollah drones in the event of a large-scale war in the northern borders. 

According to Webangah News quoted by Mehr News, the Zionist Calkasite magazine, referring to the deep concerns of Tel Aviv regarding the occurrence of a large-scale war with Hezbollah, warns about the effects of this party’s use of the Karar attack drone and its results in a possible future war. gave

This magazine writes that Karar UAV has features that combine the features of 3 different UAVs under normal conditions.

In a report published by this Zionist publication by “Nitsan Sadan”, it is stated that Karar drones, like fighter jets, are capable of carrying large bombs, but the nature It has a suicide bomber and can explode itself after hitting the opposite target; Moreover, it can carry and fire interceptor missiles to target jet birds and shoot them down.

This magazine pointed to the range of 1000 km and the speed of 700 to 900 km of this drone and emphasized that this bird can fly at an altitude of 35 thousand feet or to lower it so that the power of its identification is reduced.

Calcasit adds that this drone, in addition to its threat to Israeli fighters and normal targets, can fire anti-armor bombs and attack tanks and warships. be used Additionally, it can be used to destroy command centers and runways at airports and air bases and disable them.

According to this report, despite its many advantages, the production and maintenance cost of Karar UAV is relatively low.


© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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