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Biden: I will not withdraw

US President Joe Biden said in a letter to US Congress Democrats that he is "absolutely committed to staying in the election race".

U.S. President Joe Biden said today in a letter to the Democrats of the United States Congress that he is “absolutely committed to staying in the election race” and to his colleagues in Congress who have raised whispers of his resignation. were, he gave a firm answer.

Biden wrote in this letter: “For more than 2 weeks, we have been discussing the direction in which we should move, and now it is time for this story to end.” We have only one goal and that is to defeat Donald Trump.”

Biden and Trump participated in the first debate of the 2024 presidential election on June 27; A 90-minute debate in which Biden repeatedly made many gaffes and appeared confused by making unintelligible and half-finished sentences and strange silences. This poor performance of Biden, along with his frequent gaffes in public, has sounded the alarm for many analysts and Democratic political figures, and many of them have called for Biden to withdraw from the competition.

Then, in response to these criticisms, in an interview with the “ABC” TV channel, the American president said that he does not intend to withdraw from the competition. In this interview, he said that he will leave only if the “Almighty God” comes to earth and tells him: “Joe, get out of the competition.”

This letter was published only one day after five senior members of the US House of Representatives in the Democratic Party said in a private meeting that Biden should withdraw from the election competition and put a lot of pressure on Biden and his advisors.

In his letter, Biden emphasized that he does not agree with the arguments of his opponents and accused those who are trying to oust him from the election of violating the will of the voters who supported him in the primaries within the party.


Source: ISNA


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