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Hamas: Last night was one of the most difficult nights for Gaza

Hossam Badran reported on the widespread brutality of the Zionist regime in Gaza last night.

Although the Zionist regime and the Hamas movement have now expressed their agreement to resume peace talks, Tel Aviv has increased its brutality in Gaza and seeks to inflict maximum damage on this strip. 

According to Al Jazeera, Hossam Badran, one of the senior political officials of Hamas, announced today (Monday): Last night was one of the most difficult nights in Gaza City, because the Zionist military attacked different areas, aerial bombardment, and tried to evacuate. The Palestinians faced difficult conditions. 

Referring to the acceptance of America’s peace proposal by Hamas, he noted: We dealt with this issue positively and flexibly and agreed to it. The ball is now in Netanyahu’s court. 
Criticizing Washington’s bias against Tel Aviv in the Palestinian genocide, Badran added: “If America is seriously looking to end the Gaza war, it should increase pressure on Netanyahu to accept a ceasefire.” The victims of this war are our people, but the criminal enemy is hiding behind false grievances. 
Attacking Netanyahu, this senior Hamas official emphasized: The criminal Netanyahu’s place is in the International Criminal Court and prison, not in the position of Prime Minister of the Zionist regime! International institutions, while boasting about values ​​and humanity, use double standards in our case. Now the lies, tricks, and double policies of these institutions have been revealed to everyone. 

Translator: Abulfazl Hashemi


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