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The English magazine predicted an increase in the number of Gaza martyrs up to 186 thousand people

Referring to the health and medicine crisis in Gaza, Lancet medical magazine predicted that the number of martyrs in Gaza will probably increase to 186 thousand people.

In a report, the British medical journal The Lancet predicts that 186,000 Palestinians will be killed as a result of Israeli attacks in Gaza.

In the report of this magazine, it is stated: In addition to direct consequences, war also includes indirect consequences; That is, those who will die not only from Israeli bombs, but also from infectious diseases or diseases that can normally be easily stopped by medicine and by modern medicine. In the current situation, the lack of medicine, food and health equipment will cause a complete human disaster and hospitals will be destroyed and the lack of medicine will be fatal.

Official UN statistics put at least 38,000 dead, which is consistent with the number of bodies recovered (including unidentified), but in February, the number of bodies under the rubble was estimated to be at least 10,000.

The Ministry of Health of Gaza also announced that at least 38,195 people have been martyred and 87,828 people have been injured in the attacks of the Zionist regime on Gaza since October 7.

Translator: Azam Purkand


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