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Hamas green light; Resumption of ceasefire negotiations in mediator countries

Considering the remaining issues between the Israeli-Palestinian delegations, it seems that the new round of ceasefire negotiations for the implementation of Security Council Resolution 2735 will last between two and three weeks.

Mehr News, International Group: The cabinet and army of the Zionist regime after more than 270 days of the war Gaza has still not been able to fulfill its main promises, namely the destruction of the military-political infrastructure of the Hamas movement, the assassination of senior leaders of the resistance, and the release of captives. This has caused the Israeli war machine to attack civilian areas more than before and destroy the possibility of a normal life for Palestinian citizens. In this long campaign, the biggest beneficiary is Netanyahu, who can ride on the conditions of war and guarantee the possibility of his political survival. After the approval of Security Council Resolution 2735 based on Biden’s three-stage plan, the Zionist regime tried to show the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement or Hamas as the main culprit in the eyes of the media for not achieving a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

In such a situation, the recent plan of Hamas leaders to emphasize the guarantee of mediators instead of Israel has led to a new horizon for reaching an agreement between the parties to the conflict. Now, many analysts hope that after months of war and crimes by the Zionists against Palestinian civilians, it will be possible to stop the war and send humanitarian aid to this region. In the continuation of this note, we will try to investigate the causes of Hamas’s change of tactics in the Doha-Cairo negotiations while reviewing the latest actions taken in the ceasefire negotiations.

چراغ سبز حماس؛ از سرگیری مذاکرات آتش‌بس در کشورهای میانجی

Netanyahu, the main beneficiary of the continuation of the war

According to “The Times of Israel”, before the departure of the Mossad delegation to Doha and Cairo, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu listed a list of non-negotiable demands of the Israeli regime, such as not providing guarantees has presented about the end of the war. Hebrew sources believe that Netanyahu has set these conditions with a prior intention in order to prevent the exchange of prisoners and the end of the war. The destructive actions of the current Prime Minister of Israel caused the mediating actors, especially the United States and the families of the prisoners, to accuse him of obstructing the negotiation process. After the publication of Netanyahu’s negative role in the negotiation process, conflicting news is being heard about the opposition of the army commanders to the regime’s rebellious prime minister. At the same time, the families of the captives, together with the protesters of Tel Aviv’s warmongering policies, demanded that the end of the war and the release of the captives be prioritized.

Gaza was not the only field of adventure for Netanyahu. During the last five weeks, the reports published by the Western-Arab intelligence organizations inform about the planning of the army of the regime to march to the south of Lebanon. Some countries even followed the side of caution and asked their citizens to leave the “Bride of the Middle East” as soon as possible. The transfer of armored personnel carriers, the intensification of targeted assassinations, the slow pace of mediation between Washington and Paris, and the deadline for reopening schools have increased the chances of sending the crisis to the north of the occupied territories.

In this situation, stopping the war in Gaza can open the hands of the regime army for a massive attack on southern Lebanon. Based on this, it seems that the resistance is planning to prevent the realization of this Zionist plan based on the strategy of “Unification of the Fields” and simultaneously achieve a ceasefire in Gaza and South Lebanon. If the Zionist regime does not give in to this demand, it means that Netanyahu’s planning to march again to the Gaza Strip to complete the mission is incomplete.

Hamas’ green light, ball in Zionist’s field

Netanyahu’s deliberate violations caused the Hamas negotiating team to demand that the verbal guarantees provided by the United States, Egypt and Qatar be put into writing. Earlier, the leaders of the resistance, referring to the misdeeds of the Tel Aviv regime, announced that they will not agree to a permanent ceasefire unless the international-regional observers guarantee the non-aggression of the Zionists again. Apparently, in the past weeks, the American delegation has sent a message to Hamas through confidential channels that it will not allow the resumption of the war in Gaza.

چراغ سبز حماس؛ از سرگیری مذاکرات آتش‌بس در کشورهای میانجی

The new initiative of Hamas has caused William Burns, the head of the CIA, to go to Doha, the capital of Qatar, to negotiate with Palestinian-Israeli delegations. At the same time, Israeli-Palestinian delegations arrived in Cairo to discuss and consult on the remaining issues, such as the mechanism for sending humanitarian aid, the process of releasing prisoners, and the withdrawal of the regime’s army from populated areas. Biden’s heavy defeat of Trump in the debate on June 27 has caused the Democrats to seek the end of the Gaza war more than before. During this debate, Trump criticized Biden’s policies by referring to the prevailing conditions in occupied Palestine and considered him an ineffective person for Israel and even Palestine! Now Biden has no choice but to solve this unsolvable mystery to revive the election campaign and confront Trump again. Israel’s attack on Lebanon can spread the fire of war throughout the region and destroy the little chance of the Democrats to win the opinion of progressives and Muslims.

Bahre Sakhan

Given the remaining issues between the Israeli-Palestinian delegations, it seems that the new round of ceasefire negotiations for the implementation of Security Council Resolution 2735 will last between two and three weeks. . After Anthony Blinken’s eight endless trips to the Middle East, it remains to be seen whether this complex mystery will be solved by William Burns or not. Knowing about Netanyahu’s ambitions to stay in power, the head of the CIA should respond to the legitimate request of the Hamas movement to provide a written guarantee regarding the non-role of the ceasefire from the Zionist regime. During the technical negotiations, the Palestinian delegation demanded to clear the ambiguity between the first and second stages of the ceasefire, because it is possible that after the complete exchange of prisoners, the Zionists will once again ignore their commitments.

Furthermore, the Zionist regime must give a commitment to international and regional observers that it will not take any new action on the border between Lebanon and occupied Palestine. After receiving a positive response from Hamas regarding the ceasefire plan, Hizbollah officials, while welcoming this new development, announced that with the end of the war in Gaza, the Lebanese resistance will also stop targeted attacks against the interests and forces of the Zionist regime. The developments of the coming days will show how serious Israel and the United States are in the ceasefire negotiations and want an end to the war of attrition.


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