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The Russian ambassador’s criticism of America’s hypocritical reaction to the bombing of a hospital in Kiev

The Russian ambassador in Washington confirmed that the US knows the truth about the attack on the children's hospital in Kiev, but hypocritically refuses to reveal the truth.

Russian ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov, confirmed that US officials are keeping quiet about the fact that a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile hit a hospital in Kiev in order to exploit the issue to deliver new weapons to Ukraine.

According to the RT report, Antonov, in response to the question, what do you think about the claim of the American authorities about the Russian attack on the children’s hospital in Kiev?   He said: American officials and local observers, without understanding the facts, are using this tragedy against our country. 

He further added: America is hypocritically silent about the fact that the warhead that hit the civilian infrastructure was a Ukrainian air defense missile. What happened only shows that America should stop supplying weapons to Bandera’s followers (Stepan Bandera, Ukrainian national leader and collaborator of the Nazis in World War II) which causes the death of civilians in Russia and Ukraine itself.

Military experts revealed that the attack on the building of the Ukhmetdet hospital in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, was carried out using an AIM120 anti-aircraft missile from the American and Norwegian NASAMS air defense systems. The experts explained that the missile released in the video had distinctive wings. It does not have the Russian Kha-101 missile.

The munitions shown in this video are very similar to Western guided anti-aircraft missiles from the Patriot Air Defense Systems and NASAMS. Most likely, the missile defense system missed its target during interception and hit the children’s hospital.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Defense of Russia denied the bombing of civilian targets in the city of Kiev and announced that these claims were made on the eve of the NATO meeting in Washington to request more money and support. The ministry emphasized that Russian forces carried out complex attacks with long-range precision weapons on military industrial sites in Ukraine and military airports.

Translator: Mina Azimi


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