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Trump: Biden does not want to resign

Trump believes that Biden will not withdraw from the presidential race despite a lot of pressure.

Donald Trump, the former president of the United States and the Republican candidate for the US presidential election, said in an interview with Fox News that despite increasing pressure from the Democratic Party after Biden’s poor performance in the first debate, he does not expect President Joe Biden. America should withdraw from the presidential race.

Trump said: “I think he’s in good spirits and may very well continue. He does not want to quit and has no intention of doing so. I think this is what he wants.”

Trump also said that he believes that if Biden is forced to withdraw from the race, current Vice President Kamala Harris will step in to step into Biden’s shoes and run for the Democratic nomination. 

He noted: “I think he (Harris) is an ineffective person. Although he was not at the border, but he was responsible for reopening the border, he did not do a good job and did not work in many cases.”

After current US President Joe Biden failed to meet Democrats’ expectations in the election debate and concerns about his mental and physical condition intensified, a number of Democrats have put forward proposals to potentially replace the US president.

Earlier, the editorial board of the New York Times asked Biden to withdraw from the presidential race “to serve his country”.

Translator: Azam Purkand


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