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Russia: America seeks to change the government of Georgia

Russia's foreign intelligence service warned that the US government is seeking to change the government of Georgia by planning nationwide protests.

According to Webangah News quoted by Mehr News, citing Rashatodi, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) announced by publishing a statement that the White House has designed a plan and campaign that, on the eve of the October 26 elections, the “Dream Party” discredit the ruling party in Georgia and introduce Russia as the cause of all Georgia’s problems.

As ​​stated in this statement, Georgian President Salomem Zurabishvili will soon give an interview to the American media and will probably blame the government for “sabotaging” Georgia’s accession talks to the Union. Europe will blame and warn of “terrible consequences of proximity to Moscow”.

According to Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service, American “planners and planners” have ordered forces opposed to the Georgian government to begin planning the start of nationwide protests in Georgia.

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At the end of May, the president of Georgia announced by publishing a statement that he vetoed the bill on “foreign factors” that was approved by the parliament. He had previously threatened to veto this bill if approved by the parliament of his country.

On May 25, the Parliament of Georgia passed a controversial bill called “Foreign Factors”, according to which non-governmental organizations in this country that receive more than 20% of their budget from abroad must be registered as a foreign broker, approved.

The ruling party of Georgia, which holds the majority of the country’s parliament, had announced that this bill is necessary for the transparency of the activities of non-governmental organizations and to prevent the “influence of foreign factors”. /p>

On the other hand, opponents and western countries consider this bill similar to a law in Russia that helped the government of this country to stop the activities of many non-governmental organizations that part of their budget or the whole It was supplied from outside the borders of Russia.

The approval of this law took place after weeks of strong and widespread protests in Georgia, which were accompanied by clashes between protesters and the police, as well as the arrest of some.

Protests in which tens of thousands of people came to the streets and expressed their anger and dissatisfaction with this bill. This decision, which was taken by the ruling party of Georgia known as “Georgian Dream”, despite the opposition of the president, opponents and civil society, was a controversial bill and led to a deep gap between the involved parties.

In recent weeks, the streets of Tbilisi witnessed massive and continuous demonstrations by protesters with the slogan “Yes to Europe, no to Russian law”.


© Webangah News Hub has translated this news from the source of Mehr News Agency
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