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Netanyahu’s secret agreement with Ben Guer’s joining the war cabinet

Israeli media sources revealed that Benjamin Netanyahu has secretly agreed to join the controversial Minister of Internal Security, Itamar Ben Gower, in the War Cabinet.

Israeli state television (Kan) today (Tuesday) announced the appointment of “Itamar Ben Goyer” as a member of the war cabinet of this regime and said that Benjamin Netanyahu secretly The appointment has been agreed.

Israel Public Broadcasting Organization (KAN) reported that despite the dissolution of the War Cabinet on June 17 (28 June), it will be formed unofficially at times and Netanyahu has asked to publish something about Ben Guer joining this cabinet. Don’t.

The Israeli war cabinet was formed on October 11, after the start of the Gaza war, with the membership of Benjamin Netanyahu, Yoaf Gallant, Benny Gantz, Ron Dermer and Gadi Eisenkot, which had a cross-party structure and its approvals. It did not need the approval of the Parliament (Knesset).

But on June 20th, following the escalation of differences and tension among the members of the war cabinet, Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot resigned, and then Netanyahu announced the dissolution of this council on June 28th.

The war cabinet that was formed to manage the Gaza war and tried to be a symbol of Israel’s internal cohesion in the face of Hamas, but it went so far that it became a symbol of divisions and differences; According to the Israeli media, practically no decisions were made in the final days of this cabinet.

Meanwhile, “Itamar Ben Gower”, the extremely radical and controversial Israeli minister, had previously told the regime’s army radio that Netanyahu should make him a member of the war cabinet and plans to make changes in this council. /p>

He told Goyer that if he does not become a member of the war cabinet, he will deliberately turn to “disruption and chaos”.

However, sources in Benjamin Netanyahu’s office denied the news about Ben Guer being a member of the war cabinet.

The other day, Ben Guer said that Netanyahu makes decisions alone and is not willing to share with anyone in the decisions.


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