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The hottest places on the planet with the presence of Ahvaz in the third place!

The World Meteorological Organization has published a list of the hottest places in the world, in which Ahvaz ranks third.

The World Meteorological Organization published a list of the hottest places on the planet in 2024, which includes Iran and 5 Arab countries.

Different regions of the world have seen a significant increase in temperature in the summer in recent days.

According to the report of the World Meteorological Organization, the 10 hottest regions in the world in 2024 are as follows, ranked from the highest temperature;

1. Furnace Creek Death Valley, USA, 56.7 degrees Celsius
2. Previous (Tunisia) 55 degrees Celsius
3. Ahvaz (Iran) 54 degrees Celsius
4. Tirat Zwi (Occupied Palestinian Territories) 54 degrees Celsius
5. Mataraba (Kuwait) 53.9 degrees Celsius
6. Basra (Iraq) 53.9 degrees Celsius
7. Torbet (Pakistan) 53.7 degrees Celsius
8. Al Jazeera border gate (United Arab Emirates) 52.1 degrees Celsius
9. Mexicali (Mexico) 52 degrees Celsius
10. Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) 52 degrees Celsius

Meteorological scientists say about this: We are rapidly moving towards a warmer climate in the future, and to deal with this trend, we must take action to prevent the emission of greenhouse gases caused by the combustion of fossil fuels.



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