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The NATO summit is the last chance to test Biden’s performance

The American president, who is under criticism due to his mental weakness, must prove his ability in the next 3 days when he hosts NATO leaders.

The next two weeks are historically very important. In these two weeks, NATO leaders will make important decisions regarding Ukraine. Other than that, we will find out who Donald Trump’s opponent will be in the American elections and we will see Joe Biden’s fight for his political life.

According to Sky News, the consequences of Biden’s disastrous performance in the debate with Donald Trump have been going on for more than a week. On the surface, he insists that he will remain the Democratic candidate and will not drop out, but the reality is that the coming days will be very decisive for him, especially how he performs at the NATO meeting. 

As NATO heads of state gather in Washington early Wednesday morning to make joint decisions, particularly on Ukraine, all eyes will be on the US president as he hosts one of Washington’s most important events in decades. is recent and must prove that he has the necessary qualifications for the presidency. The risks of Biden’s misbehavior underscoring his cognitive decline are high. He caused a lot of controversy at the Group of Seven meeting held a few weeks ago, and his pictures of him walking away from the other leaders of the Group of Seven and going in another direction while watching the skydiving became very popular on social networks. The White House staff reacted with undeniable anger to the virality of these videos, but Biden’s subsequent defeat in the debate against Trump confirmed all concerns again.

Now, the way Biden hosts the NATO meeting will be the last test for his performance, and probably after that the Democratic officials will agree on his future. Although the American political system is not such that the members of the party can force the president to leave, but the increasing pressures both from outside (party members) and from his inner circle (his wife Jill Biden, his sister Valerie, his son Hunter and his closest political advisers) ) may have unexpected results. 

In any case, it should be considered that in case of Biden’s resignation, his deputy Kamala Harris, who does not perform much better than Biden in the polls, is likely to be a possible candidate for the Democratic nomination. Overall, all of the options carry huge political risks for the Democratic Party and warrant a focus on them rather than the existential threat they see in Trump.

Translator: Zahra Najafi


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