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Zionist sources: 2 senior Israeli commanders were killed in Gaza

An Israeli source says that the commander of one of the armored units of the Israeli army along with his assistant were killed in Gaza.

According to the report of the international group of Fars news agency, following the losses of the Zionist army in its ground operations in Gaza, Zionist sources acknowledged the death of 2 of its forces this evening (Friday).

In this regard, an Israeli source said that Colonel Sheldag Zior, the commander of one of the armored units of the Zionist regime army, along with his assistant Eni Avidan, were killed.

According to this source, since the beginning of the al-Aqsa storm operation, Zaiur has been the highest commander in the Zionist army, who was killed during the ground attack on Gaza. He planned the tank attack on Gaza, which has failed so far.

An hour ago, the army of the Zionist regime, following the attack of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement on the north of the occupied territories, injured a number of His soldiers informed. The army spokesman of this regime announced that 5 Israeli soldiers were injured in the Hezbollah drone and rocket attack, and the condition of 4 of them is “dangerous”. He further declared the condition of the fifth person to be moderate.

This statement was published after the Islamic Resistance of Lebanon announced, this evening, with 3 offensive drones of “Yeftah Qaddish” and A group of Zionist soldiers targeted the town of Hatsudat Yoshua in the east, and the drones hit the target.

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