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The thirty-sixth day of “Al-Aqsa Storm” | The Zionists brought the war to Gaza hospitals

On the thirty-sixth day of the Gaza war, the Zionist regime’s airstrikes continue on the besieged Gaza strip, and the area around the Al-Shifa hospital has been the target of a heavy attack by the Zionists.

– International news – Tasnim News Agency, the spokesman of the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that the bombing of the Zionist regime is concentrated around Al-Shafa hospital complex and other hospitals in Gaza.

Clashes between resistance fighters and Zionist soldiers have intensified near al-Shifa Hospital and the occupation forces continue to bombard this area. The Palestinian resistance is related to the occupying forces in Al-Nasr neighborhood in the west of Gaza.

Al-Qassam fighters announced that they targeted the armored vehicles of the Zionist regime in Al-Nasr neighborhood with anti-armor rockets.

Local Palestinian sources reported that, at the same time as Al-Nasr neighborhood and Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, very intense clashes are going on between the resistance and the soldiers of the Israeli occupation in Beit Hanoun in the north of the Gaza Strip. They informed the special care room at al-Quds hospital located in Tal al-Hawa neighborhood in the west of Gaza.

The electricity of the Indonesia Hospital in Gaza was cut off after its fuel reserves ran out, and another disaster is about to happen.


Dear audience, you can follow the most important developments of the 36th day of the Gaza war after the “Al-Aqsa Storm” operation below:


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