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Trump’s support for continued attacks on Gaza

Despite growing concerns about civilian casualties in Gaza, the former US president said the war must go on.

According to Fars News Agency International Group, despite growing concerns about civilian casualties in Gaza, former US President Donald Trump said in a new interview that the war between Israel and Hamas must continue. .

So you have a war going on, and you should probably let it go, Trump said in an interview Thursday night, The Hill reported. Because many people die.

In the continuation of his speech, he went on to rant against Iran and despite the emphasis on the Palestinian nature of the Hamas operation, he claimed: it should never have started. It could not be restarted. Iran did not have money because Iran leads it. And only fools would say that’s not true. They lead this. They are very cunning, very smart and cunning. They lead it and it must end.

Trump claimed that this conflict would not have happened if he was in the White House because of his strict approach towards Iran. He also said the situation has become more difficult because of the hatred in the conflict.

He said: There is no hatred like the hatred of Palestinians for Israel and Jews. And probably vice versa; I do not know. You know it’s not that obvious but it probably is. So sometimes you have to let things go and see where they end up.

Trump described Lebanon’s Hizbollah as very smart in a comment before and after the Al-Aqsa storm operation, and after the start of this operation, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu The Zionist regime had criticized.

In this interview with Univision, he said that Israel should have better public relations, because the other side defeated them on the public relations front.

Despite the fact that the high casualties of the Zionist regime’s crimes in Gaza have led to calls for a ceasefire even in the United States by lawmakers and progressive activists. The Biden government rejected these requests and claimed that the ceasefire would benefit Hamas and only asked for humanitarian breaks for aid to reach Gaza and also strives for the release of prisoners. Israel last week agreed to a limited pause in parts of Gaza after initial opposition. support and encourage the Zionists to use force to destroy Hamas and claimed that Iran plays a central role in the conflicts.

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