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Developments in Ukraine Despite the bad situation on the front, Zelensky does not intend to compromise with Moscow

The advice to Zelensky to stop the conflict, Kyiv’s attempt to reduce its dependence on the West, the European Union’s opposition to allocating 20 billion euros of aid to Ukraine, the possibility of a sudden end to the military conflict, and NATO’s reluctance to reduce support for Kyiv are some of the most important events surrounding the war.

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according to the international group Tasnim news agency, Vladimir Zelensky The president of Ukraine rejected any compromise with Russia to end the military conflict in this country and claimed that the Ukrainian armed forces are capable of continuing the counterattack despite the fact that the situation on the front line is very difficult. >

He said: We have a specific plan to continue our attacks this year and next year; Cities and routes have been determined and we know where we will go.” Zelenskiy also admitted that there are currently “many problems” in the implementation of the counter-offensive. And he attributed the military’s failure to the fact that Kiev received less military weapons from the West than it had expected.

In this regard, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced on Friday that Vladimir Zelensky’s claim of not compromising with Russia to resolve the conflict will change the status of the conflict and Russia’s goals. will not give He emphasized in a press conference: “For Russia, the most important issue is achieving its goals; In the absence of a political and diplomatic solution, we will continue the special military operation to protect Donbass until the tasks set for it are fulfilled, and Zelensky has no choice but to increase his degree of illusion about the possibility of victory over Russia.”

The press secretary of the Russian president added: “Kiev cannot win, and the sooner they understand this, the sooner the necessary prerequisites for resolving the conflict may be provided.” »

Next, you can follow the developments related to the 626th day of the Ukrainian war:


Mask’s request to Zelensky to stop the conflict and start negotiations with Moscow

American billionaire Elon Musk asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to start negotiations with Moscow and stop killing all Ukrainian youth in trenches.

Musk in a podcast in response to a question about whether Ukraine should agree to peace? He said: “Exactly.” I advise him not to send Ukrainian youth to the front to die in vain. There’s no need to do that, regardless of whether he talks to Putin or not.”

Furthermore, Musk warned that the situation on the battlefield And the current balance of forces is such that the continuation of the military conflict will only lead to “massive casualties”. The billionaire warned about the possible increase in the number of casualties of the Ukrainian army, stressing: “History will not be kind to those who decide to continue the war.”

Zelensky: We are trying to find ways to reduce dependence on the West

Vladimir Zelenskyi, the President of Ukraine, on Friday with members of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of this country He discussed how to reduce dependence on Western countries in the field of supplying ammunition and armored vehicles.

Zelensky wrote about this on his Telegram channel last night: “We discussed the military budget for next year in this meeting. Emphasis on the country’s self-sufficiency in terms of the production of bullets, missiles, drones, and armored vehicles was examined.” The need to continue active fighting on the battlefield was also discussed.

Previously, at the end of October, the Prime Minister of Ukraine said that the army has a serious shortage of ammunition. encountered, so their production should be organized on the territory of Ukraine.

Recommendation to the Armed Forces of Ukraine about changing war tactics considering the current situation

Mikhail Podoliak, adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, last night in an interview with the Ukrainian section of Deutsche Welle, expressed the opinion that the tactics and strategy of the Ukrainian armed forces should be reviewed in light of the current situation.

He admitted that the Ukrainian counteroffensive five months later had not brought the expected results, although offensive operations in a number of In some ways it’s not complete yet.

“We have a very clear understanding of what’s needed for 2024 and the end of 2023,” Podoliak said. First of all, it is necessary to change the tactics and adjust the military strategy to some extent, taking into account the dominant advantages of the Russian side.”

Ukraine Counts on $30 billion in support to cover budget deficit

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmigal announced that Kyiv authorities hope for more than $30 billion from the Union. Europe, the United States, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and their allied countries should receive financial aid so that they can compensate the budget deficit of this country’s government.

Schmeigel said on his Telegram channel last night: We expect 5.4 billion dollars from the International Monetary Fund, 18 billion euros of financial aid from the European Union and more than 10 billion dollars. to receive from the United States.

It was previously reported that Ukraine’s Supreme Parliament approved the draft budget for 2024 with a deficit of 1.57 trillion hryvnias (more than $43 billion).

The prime minister also noted that financing basic budget expenses within the framework of a deficit of 1.57 trillion hryvnias is a “very difficult task” that the government has to deal with for two years. has come to terms Shmigal added that Kyiv is trying to support its partners to cover the budget deficit.

It is reported that Ukraine is considering receiving additional financial support from Japan, Britain, Sweden, Portugal and other allies have opened accounts.

Reuters: Germany and some other EU members are against giving 20 billion euros to Ukraine

Reuters news agency reported this morning, Saturday, quoting its diplomatic sources, that several EU member states, including Germany, allocated 20 Billions of euros in military aid to Ukraine have been opposed. The agency also noted that in this regard, the financial assistance plan may undergo changes. Is the European Union able to fulfill its promise to provide one million bullets to Kiev by March 2024?

Russia has received requests to separate children from Ukrainians in Europe

Nebenzia said: “We have received requests regarding the separation of children from their parents from Ukrainian refugee families, mainly in European countries. “Only the cases known to us amount to dozens of cases.” Call about these issues. The problem of separation of children from their parents is very common and a serious problem in EU countries.

Berlin does not consider stopping aid to Kiev any closer to resolving the conflict

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius expressed his opinion on Friday that the suspension of military aid to Kiev will not bring us closer to resolving the conflict in Ukraine. He said: “If we reduce our support and stop it, we will not get closer to peace and ending this .” I am completely convinced of this.”

According to the German Defense Minister, he sees no other way than to continue supporting Ukraine to occupy a strong strategic position.

Stoltenberg: We must continue supplying Ukraine with weapons

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General today On Friday, in a joint press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Schultz in Berlin, he called for the continuation of arms supply to Ukraine so that he can be “strong at the negotiating table” in the future.

He added: “Germany provides decisive support <...> Germany is actually the second largest supporter of Ukraine among NATO allies, after the United States”.

Stoltenberg also claimed: NATO is committed to arms control and the principle of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. And we ask Russia to behave responsibly.”

According to him, Russia’s withdrawal from The Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) and the suspension of participation in the Strategic Offensive Arms Reduction and Limitation Treaty (START Treaty) appear to undermine European security. According to him, after these actions of Russia, NATO should try to strengthen its military power. Russia has made the world more dangerous and has shown the importance of strengthening NATO, and NATO leaders have agreed to strengthen our defense. At the same time, he said: Currently, the member countries The North Atlantic Alliance is allocating the necessary forces and strengthening the command and control structures of this bloc.

Chief of Zelensky’s office: the conflict in Ukraine will end very suddenly

Andrei Yermak, the chief of staff of the President of Ukraine, predicted in a TV interview last night, Friday, that the military conflict in Ukraine is likely to end suddenly. . He said: I think no one knows when the military conflict with Russia will end. But this dispute may end too suddenly.

According to Ermak, if we use the comparison with a race, Ukraine has already “run” 70 meters, although 30 The last meter is the most difficult stage.

A few days ago, the president of Ukraine said that the armed forces of this country, despite the difficult conditions on the front line, this year and next year The counterattack will continue. He linked this situation with the fact that Kiev receives less military weapons from the West than he expected. Orban: Ukraine last year at the behest of Washington did not sign the peace treaty with Russia

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced in a radio interview on Friday that Ukraine refused to sign the draft at the behest of the United States He refused the peace agreement with Russia in Turkey.

He said: We know from various reports and information sources that in fact in 2022 in Istanbul, where closed negotiations for Peace was made, basically an agreement was reached between the two sides, but as it turns out – the Ukrainians did not sign the peace treaty at the behest of the US.

According to him, while the European Union was trying to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, the United States was interested in its escalation. Orban emphasized that the whole world will soon learn about this issue.

Hungary: Ukraine is not ready for EU membership in all respects >

Victor Orban, the prime minister of Hungary, also expressed his opinion in this interview that Ukraine is not ready to start negotiations for its membership in the European Union.

He said: “Ukraine is by no means ready to give up on its ambition to join the European Union. <...> But negotiations cannot begin And this is a clear position for the Budapest authorities.”

At the same time, Orban emphasized that Hungary will never agree that the issue of financing Ukraine from the EU budget and Also, to link its acceptance into society with the return of frozen European funds to Budapest. He emphasized: these issues should be investigated separately. style=”text-align:justify”>Forbes magazine wrote in an article on Friday that the Ukrainian armed forces have never learned how to properly use the German Leopard tanks, so they may soon lose them all because this equipment are being successfully destroyed by Russia.

The report states: “What the Ukrainians should not do is what they often do with their Leopard 2: They use them in small groups without strong infantry support, driving them directly towards Russian positions – often through minefields, artillery and drone hunting areas.”

The author also advised the Ukrainian Armed Forces to purchase about 200 more German Leopard 1A5 tanks, produced in 1980. However, even such a large amount of equipment is quickly destroyed because the Ukrainian military misuses it on the battlefield, the newspaper added.

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The European Commission will announce the proposals of the 12th package of sanctions against Russia by the end of November

The European Commission expects proposals for the 12th package of sanctions against Russia to be published before the end of November. Eric Mummer, the spokesperson of the European Union, explained about this: “This package will not arrive today and tomorrow, but of course we will inform you as soon as it becomes clear. Sometimes the preparation of sanctions takes longer than expected, the discussions are ongoing and we hope to present it soon.”

proposals will be presented before next month.

In early November, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the EU would soon introduce the 12th package of sanctions. will provide anti-Russian According to him, the new restrictions will be related to the tightening of Russian oil price restrictions and measures to circumvent sanctions.

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