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Chancellor of Germany: We must be prepared for a long war in Ukraine

Emphasizing that he does not see any signs of the end of the war in Ukraine, the German Chancellor said: We must be prepared for the fact that this war can last a long time.

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According to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency quoting German Chancellor Olaf Schultz said in “De Sight” magazine that the world political situation requires a permanent change of course and in this situation he promised more money to the German army.

Olaf Schultz has promised the German military to significantly increase defense spending in the double-digit billion range. The German chancellor told a German military conference in Berlin that the special fund for soldiers, worth 100 billion euros, was only an “important first step”. Defense spending of two percent of GDP is now permanently guaranteed. Germany will achieve this NATO goal for the first time next year. Two percent have criticized for defense.

Schultz, referring to Russia’s war against Ukraine and the escalation of conflicts in West Asia, said: “The global political situation makes us believe that It reinforces how important and necessary this change of direction is. A turning point in security policy requires a long-term change of course. No one can doubt anymore that strong armed forces are needed. Schulz said: Germany has avoided this question for a long time and warned: “Our peace order is at risk.” The future of the armed forces discussed with the military leadership. Among the topics of this meeting, we can mention the planned transfer of a brigade to Lithuania and the change of the structure of the Ministry of Defense. German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius presented his new defense policy guidelines at the previous day’s meeting. Ukraine announced in February 2022. Its purpose is to make the forces that have been stored over the years suitable for national and alliance defense again. He does not see the end of Russia’s war against Ukraine and the withdrawal of its forces from Russia. He said at the Bundeswehr conference in Berlin: “We have to be prepared for the fact that the war can last a long time.” It has taken longer than Russian President Vladimir Putin imagined. That is why he is not pessimistic. He emphasized that it is important to develop flexibility and protect one’s infrastructure against attacks.

“Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg also expects the war in Ukraine to last longer. Stoltenberg continues to emphasize the advance of the Ukrainian armed forces against the Russian invaders and “We have to be ready for a long time,” Stoltenberg told the German news agency in Berlin: “Wars are by nature unpredictable.

He said: What we know It is that what happens around the negotiating table is inextricably linked to the situation on the battlefield. Only military support can ensure that Ukraine remains an independent and democratic country. Only this, Russian President Vladimir Putin convinces him that he cannot win on the battlefield.

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