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3 practical proposals of the World Union of Muslim Scholars to support the Palestinian people and confront the occupiers

The World Union of Muslim Scholars, by presenting 3 practical proposals, called for the unity of all Muslims and free people of the world to support the Palestinian people and provide aid to Gaza and confront the occupiers comprehensively.

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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, the World Union of Muslim Scholars of the Islamic Ummah and all the free people of the world He wanted to form a global alliance to confront the brutality and arrogance of the occupying regime and the western countries that have violated all international standards and standards. During the participation in the demonstration that was held in Istanbul to support the people of Gaza, he made 3 practical proposals to counter the aggression of the occupiers and support the Palestinian people. Gaza

Al-Bashir first demanded the formation of a delegation of the scholars of the Islamic Ummah along with a number of representatives of the Arab and Islamic parliaments and the leaders of the World Union of Muslim Scholars to go to Egypt and meet with “Ahmed al-Tayeb” Sheikh Al-Azhar Sharif should go to the Rafah crossing and strike in order to lift the blockade of Gaza. He added that scholars, institutions, members of parliaments and unions should prepare ships full of food and medicine. And the representatives of these organizations along with the representatives of the doctors should prepare to send these aids to Gaza, and also the Turkish government should provide the necessary military support for these ships until they dock in the port of Gaza and the aids reach the people in this region. /p>

This official of the World Union of Muslim Scholars emphasized, we now want to move from the circle of speech to practical measures to fight the occupiers and support the Palestinian people, and the Muslim scholars are ready to prepare aid and send it to Gaza. They have announced through the ships and we hope that the Turkish government will also support this action. was an invitation to the nations of the world, especially the western nations, to put pressure on their governments by holding general strikes. He said that the nations can do many things and express their anger against the occupiers by holding rallies and demonstrations. and their supporters express and support the people of Gaza. These nations should turn their demonstrations into nationwide strikes; In such a way that the administration of government affairs is disturbed and they are forced to submit to the pressure of the people.

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Formation of an international coalition to support Palestine

Member of the Union Secretariat The World of Muslim Scholars announced its third proposal that an international coalition to support Palestine should be created within the framework of an Arab-Islamic-Human alliance. We want all the free people of the world and awakened consciences to gather to support Palestine. In a statement, he called for a comprehensive embargo against the Zionist regime and stressed that all the Islamic nations should apply a complete and comprehensive embargo against the Zionist enemy with all their strength. All-round sanctions against the enemy is the easiest way and a common point between the authorities, the people and the elites.

In this statement, it is emphasized that according to Islamic laws, sanctioning the Zionist occupation regime is an obligation and duty.

A few days ago, the International Union of Muslim Scholars, by issuing a fatwa, asked the Islamic countries and their official armies to take immediate action to stop the aggression of the Zionist regime against the Gaza Strip. Aggression by the occupying regime and failure to respond to it is forbidden. Islamic countries and official armies must immediately intervene to save Gaza from destruction and slaughter. Military intervention and providing military aid to the Palestinian people and resistance groups is a religious duty. In a situation where Westerners are supporting the occupying regime at all military, financial, media and political levels, Arab and Islamic countries have the duty to support Palestine in all its aspects.

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