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Armenia buys $41 million worth of anti-drone equipment from India

During the 44-day war, the Republic of Azerbaijan extensively used combat drones, and Armenia’s interest in buying Indian anti-drone equipment stems from this.

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According to Tasnim International Group, some reports indicate that Armenia will purchase anti-drone equipment worth 41 million dollars from this country based on the new agreement with India.

Reports indicate that cooperation between the two countries in the field of military equipment and weapons has expanded significantly.

Indian website writes that the contract for the purchase of anti-drone devices has been signed between Yerevan and the Indian company that produces the Zen anti-drone system (ZADS). provides anti-drone, but also includes servicing the equipment and training Armenian staff to use these devices.

Establishment In Yerevan

It is also reported that Zen Technologies, which produces anti-drone equipment, will open an office in Yerevan.

The ZADS device is based on modern systems that identify and neutralize combat drones with radio systems.

These systems will be used by the Indian Army in March. writes that the said equipment will be handed over to the Armenian side only after that.

The Ministry of Defense of Armenia has not yet confirmed this news. .

It should be noted that Azerbaijan used combat drones extensively during the 44-day war, and Yerevan’s interest in anti-drone equipment originates from here.

India-Armenia defense cooperation for Pakistan

in This report states that defense cooperation between India and Armenia has also increased due to the expansion of military cooperation between Pakistan and Azerbaijan, India’s main rival.

In September 2022, the Ministry of Defense of Armenia signed a contract for signed the purchase of missile systems, anti-tank missiles and ammunition from India worth a total of $245 million.

Indian media reported that in November 2022, the parties reached an agreement worth $155 million to supply 155 mm howitzers of the Armenian army were acquired.

In September, the Indian military website wrote that according to the agreement, Armenia will purchase 90 ATAGS howitzers from India.

It is reported that 4 cannons from this shipment have been delivered to Armenia and the remaining 86 howitzers will be delivered over the next 3 years.

Due to the cooling of relations with Moscow

Russia has been the main supplier of arms to Armenia for years. Is. However, when Russia became involved in the war in Ukraine, Armenia began to look for other arms sellers.

In addition, Armenian officials accuse Moscow of During the 44-day war, Yerevan did not have enough weapons.

Last month, Armenia signed two arms contracts with France.

One Among them is the purchase of Armenia’s advanced radar systems from Thales Defense Group.

Furthermore, the defense ministers of France and Armenia signed a military protocol to provide short-range surface-to-air missiles to Yerevan. The financial aspect of these contracts has not been reported.

France, which is home to a large number of Armenians, has become the main supporter of Armenia in the international arena in recent years.

Also, “Catherine Colonna”, Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs of France, said during her recent trip to Armenia that Paris has agreed to sign an agreement to supply military equipment with Yerevan.

Baku has repeatedly accused Paris of taking a biased and one-sided position in the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia. In an interview with French radio, in response to a question about France’s intention to sell arms to Armenia, he said: “Currently, there is practically no trust in France as a mediator.” This decision can put us in a very dangerous situation. We can say this in the way that France provokes Armenia to take up arms to attack our country again.

The Republic of Azerbaijan took control of a part of Karabagh and 7 districts around it. Russian peacekeeping forces are stationed in the Lachin Corridor and on the Line of Contact in Karabakh. The parties have not yet succeeded in signing the peace agreement. Peace talks are underway with the mediation of the European Union, Russia and the United States.

On September 19-20 this year, Baku announced local anti-terrorist measures in Karabakh. Yerevan evaluated this action as “ethnic cleansing” and “aggression”. On September 20, Karabakh separatists said they had agreed to Baku’s terms. Later, population migration from Karabakh to Armenia began.

On September 28, a Republic of Karabakh announced that it had ceased its activities. Many leaders of this separatist republic were arrested and brought to Baku. On October 15, the President of Azerbaijan raised the national flag of the country in the cities of Khankandi and Aghdra.

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