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What can be the practical initiatives of the special summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation for the Palestinian resistance?

The special meeting of the leaders of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation must prove its efficiency, initiative and action with the presence of the heads of Islamic countries and take a serious action against the regime beyond “issuing a statement of condemnation and emphasizing the implementation of UN resolutions.”

– International News

According to the international group Tasnim news agency, nearly forty days have passed since the beginning of the Al-Aqsa storm operation and the Zionist regime’s invasion of the Gaza Strip. Thousands of human rights organizations, millions of media and press and advertising organizations, dozens of Muslim governments, etc. have witnessed a new level of crimes by the Zionist regime. Schools, hospitals, churches, mosques, buildings related to international institutions, ambulances, women and children, and the elderly have been daily targets of the Zionist regime, and no one has been able to help stop these attacks.

The inaction and ineffectiveness of the United Nations has also been proven. At the level of the Security Council, any action to stop the regime’s crimes is practically blocked due to the veto power. Western governments, permanent members of the Security Council, have explicitly and practically declared their support for the regime’s crimes. The heads of France, Germany, America and England have been constantly traveling to the occupied territories since the beginning of the war and have not spared any military, security, political, diplomatic or media assistance. The General Assembly is satisfied with issuing a non-binding resolution. This resolution practically cannot and has not been able to prevent the continuation of the regime’s crimes. They talk as if the oppressed people of Palestine die by themselves without the intervention of the regime’s fighters, and they have refrained from even expressing a simple condemnation of Tel Aviv.

Meanwhile, Muslim governments need to play a serious and innovative role. But unfortunately, it must be acknowledged that while some of these governments have extensive diplomatic, political, security and economic relations with the Zionist regime, we cannot expect all “Islamic governments” to take specific action against the economic interests of the Zionist regime. Some Arab governments have practically joined the process of normalizing relations with the regime, and if the Al-Aqsa storm operation had not occurred, perhaps several other countries would have hosted Israeli embassies. The Arab armies have also remained silent in the face of this volume of barbaric and unprecedented crimes and have been active to the extent of throwing medical and food packages over Gaza.

This important organization, which in recent years had practically done nothing except issuing statements of condemnation on important events, now it must improve its efficiency, initiative and action. prove it with the presence of the heads of Islamic countries and beyond “issuing a statement of condemnation and emphasizing the implementation of UN resolutions”, take a serious action against the regime to pay the costs of this level of crime by Tel Aviv and this level of support by Western countries to increase unprecedentedly.

Seyed Ebrahim Raisi, the president of our country, will participate in this special meeting, which shows that the Islamic Republic of Iran also The level of diplomatic activities, both at the media and political levels, pursues the cause of Palestine in a practical way and is not limited to issuing a statement, and by the way, Tehran was one of the important Islamic actors that demanded and pursued the holding of this meeting.

But it should be emphasized that if the Organization of Islamic Cooperation has a serious intention to intervene in the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, it should consider new measures in order to go beyond issuing a statement. And show actions against the usurping regime of Al-Quds and its supporters. Islamic governments should note that expressions such as “providing humanitarian aid, medical aid, emergency relief, water and electricity supply, immediate reopening of safe humanitarian crossings to send emergency aid to the Gaza Strip”, will be operational and carried out under the condition that the Israeli regime is unprecedentedly under Political, economic and diplomatic pressures will be put in place and Tel Aviv and the Netanyahu government are not going to stop their crimes with the speeches of some Arab and Islamic leaders.

Based on this, increasing economic pressure on the regime should be seriously considered by Islamic governments. Unfortunately, it must be acknowledged that there is oil export, economic exchanges at different levels and dimensions, and trade between Islamic countries and the Zionist regime, and until the Islamic countries, objectively and practically, do not impose economic sanctions on the regime, Israel’s economy will continue to will support its war machine.

Therefore, the first serious action of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation should be an economic embargo and cut off oil exports to the usurping regime of Quds. In the meantime, some neighboring countries of Iran are unfortunately the target of this proposal and it must be acknowledged that they either directly export their oil to Tel Aviv or their ports are at the disposal of various actors for trade and economic exchanges with Israel. This proposal, i.e. the oil embargo on Israel, can be the first important economic blow to this regime from the Islamic countries, and of course it will revive the hopes for the active action of the Islamic countries and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

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Another measure that should be seriously considered by Islamic countries is in the legal field. “Recognizing the right of legitimate defense of the Palestinian people against the occupying forces” and stressing “the necessity of the practical commitment of the Islamic and Arab countries to send the necessary weapons aid to the Gaza Strip and the West Bank”, can show the practical unity of the Islamic world against the Israeli regime and the world. be the West.

This legal and military action should be mentioned in the final statement/resolution of the meeting to go beyond the existing political/media and diplomatic compliments. Show the practical determination and political will of the Islamic countries to line up against the Israeli regime and its western supporters. Another point is the continuous effort and cooperation to refer Israel’s crimes to international human rights and criminal institutions. The heads of the regime are not supposed to be tried and executed for committing the most brutal crimes within a month, but the beginning of this process and international legal activism within the framework of international criminal law, can ultimately lead to the trial of the heads of the regime in international courts and their case End.

The ongoing war in Gaza is not a war between Hamas and Israel. The Western world’s military aggression against the Islamic world in the Gaza Strip and Palestine has entered its eighth decade. If the Islamic world intends to seriously take practical action against the most important political-security and civilizational base of the West in the heart of the Islamic world, it must act now and prove its unity through economic sanctions, legal activism and field action. slow The Israeli regime is not harmed by statements, demonstrations and tears in front of the cameras; With economic sanctions, military pressure and the beginning of a real legal trial, the enemy of Islam can be defeated.

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