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The increasing presence of Türkiye in northern Iraq in the midst of the Gaza war

Iraqi security sources say that the Turkish army has expanded its sphere of influence and increased the number of its forces in northern Iraq.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, Iraqi security sources told the Baghdad Al-Youm website that in the shadow of governments and nations paying attention to the Gaza issue, Turkey is also expanding its sphere of influence and increasing the number of its forces in the northern regions of Iraq.

According to these sources, “Turkish forces deployed military forces in the new areas of Zakho and Batufa area and other areas related to the Mahmoudiya area near the Syrian border”.

According to these sources, Turkish reconnaissance drones are also flying in the border areas of Iraq and Syria on a daily basis, and new units have been deployed in the border areas of northern Iraq, and there are also movements inside Turkish military bases. It exists in the Kurdistan region.

According to Iraqi sources, the Turkish army has entered Iraqi territory to a depth of 35 kilometers in the two regions of “Dirlok” and “Shiladzi” and 13 military bases in the last one year.

On 28 April last year, Turkey started the so-called “Locking Claw” operation in the mountains of northern Iraq against the PKK. This operation ended on the 10th of January 1401, but occasional air and ground attacks and Turkish security operations continue.

Metina, Elzab, and “Afshin” (Northern Basian), which is located in Dohuk and Kirkuk provinces, are considered operational areas of “lock claw” and during the past years, the Turkish army witnessed intense conflict with PKK militants.

These attacks have greatly disrupted the rural life and agriculture of the residents; According to the authorities of the Kurdistan region, dozens of villages have been deserted and hundreds of hectares of agricultural land and gardens have been burned.


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