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Demonstration of tens of thousands of people in South Africa against the Zionist regime and Biden

On Saturday evening, the media reported the demonstration of tens of thousands of people in the capital of South Africa against the Zionist regime and the American president and supporting Palestine.

According to Fars News Agency, tens of thousands of people took to the streets on Saturday in the center of Cape Town, the capital of South Africa, in support of Palestine and the ceasefire in Gaza. They came.

According to news sources, It was one of the largest demonstrations in the city in recent years. This demonstration was organized by several organizations and political parties.

Marchers demonstrated in the streets of Cape Town with Palestinian flags and posters in support of Palestine. They chanted. In this demonstration, slogans against the President of the United States, Joe Biden, including “How many children did you kill today?” was given A group of protesters also chanted in support of Hamas.


A group of civil activists also put up posters of Palestinian children who have been killed in the conflicts so far.


Last week, the South African government reiterated its opposition to the bombing of Gaza and announced that the Zionist regime and the United States are undermining international laws and Security Council resolutions.

A senior official of this government said: Israel threatens the stability of the world system with its behavior against the Palestinians. America’s support for Israel enables it to threaten the international system of multilateralism and good governance and threaten the peaceful world order”.

In the past, the government of this country has summoned the ambassador of the Zionist regime for the purpose of official reprimand due to making insulting statements.

Recently, the South African media reported that one of the ministers of the “Cyril Ramaphosa” cabinet. The president of this country said that he has ordered the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation in his government to take action against the ambassador of the Zionist regime in this country, and at the same time South African diplomats should be called from Tel Aviv for consultation.

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