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Tel Aviv once again witnesses mass demonstrations against Netanyahu + video

Hours ago, the security forces of the Zionist regime blocked all the streets leading to the demonstration site of the families of the Zionist prisoners held by Hamas against Netanyahu’s cabinet.

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according to the Hebrew group Tasnim news, the Hebrew media announced, from 6 Asr to Local time, a few hours before the start of the demonstration, families of prisoners and other opponents of Netanyahu blocked all roads leading to Tel Aviv Museum Square.


The security forces of the Zionist regime are afraid of clashes between the supporters and opponents of Netanyahu They blocked all the roads leading to the demonstration site of the families of the Zionist prisoners in Gaza.

This demonstration that started at 8 pm local time It started in this square and according to the plan, it was announced that the cabinet of the Zionist regime will be asked to provide the conditions for the release of the prisoners.

Family The Zionist prisoners asked the people to participate in this demonstration and announced that the former president (of the Zionist regime) Reuven Rivlin will also accompany them.

One of the activists of the cyber space announced by publishing a picture of the gathering of people in this square, when the work is finished, we will throw away all these officials.

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