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Explaining the details of the statement of the meeting of heads of Islamic and Arab countries in the language of Amir Abdollahian

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country explained the details of the statement of the meeting of heads of Islamic and Arab countries.

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According to Tasnim News Agency, Hossein Amirabdollahian, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country, said about the meeting of heads of Islamic countries : The meeting of the heads of Islamic and Arab countries was held today in Riyadh at the request of Mr. Raisi, who of course had this request three weeks ago, and with the help of the Saudi authorities and the invitation of the heads of the countries.

He added: Mr. In addition to the clear and frank speech that resulted in 10 practical solutions that they presented in the meeting, the president also had 9 meetings with the heads of some countries, including the president of Egypt, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, the prime minister of Malaysia, and the heads of Nigeria, Mauritania and some others. They had from countries.

Amir Abdallahian continued: In these meetings, the main focus was the discussion on the Palestinian issue and ways out of this issue, and at the same time stronger support for the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs also said: Since Thursday, my colleagues have been stationed in Riyadh and made a lot of effort to issue a strong statement in support of Palestine and stopping the genocide in Gaza. Fortunately, this statement was issued unanimously today.

The foreign minister of our country said regarding the details of this statement: The statement emphasizes that countries should stop exporting their weapons to the Zionist regime. Of course, Mr. Raisi’s clear request was to stop sending oil and any goods to the Zionist regime.

He added: Also, in this statement, the Security Council is asked to fulfill its duties and take effective measures regarding the destruction of hospitals, not allowing the entry of medicine, food and fuel into Gaza, and Get rid of passivity and inactivity.

Amir Abdullahian continued: The lifting of the blockade of Gaza has been emphasized and everyone agrees that humanitarian aid should be provided immediately and effectively. Mr. President also clearly announced that 500 aid trucks should be delivered to the 2.5 million Palestinian population every day. The request to the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to start an investigation and deal with forced migration and forced migration was one of the other topics raised in the statement.

He clarified: We believe that although this summit was late, but if the heads of Islamic countries make the necessary effort, we can witness the cessation of the war crimes of the Zionist regime at this point.

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