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Al-Qassam Spokesman: Infanticide is the enemy’s only achievement in the Gaza war

Al-Qassam’s spokesman stated that the killing of children and the bombing of hospitals are the enemy’s only achievements in this war, and said that quick and easy revenge is only to satisfy the Zionist internal front.

According to the report of the international group of Fars news agency, Abu Obeidah, the spokesman of Al-Qassam Brigades – the military branch of the Hamas movement – announced that the tanks of the Zionist regime faced the stubborn resistance of the resistance forces and the intense clashes forced them to retreat and change their direction.

He pointed out that the resistance forces are destroying Zionist tanks and armored vehicles, and said: “The conflict is unequal, but it has made the most powerful force in the region afraid.

The Israeli army announced this Saturday evening that it has lost 5 more of its soldiers during today’s clashes in Gaza.

Israeli sources have acknowledged. that 4 of the dead soldiers were commandos and paratroopers who were killed by the tunnel explosion and an officer and 4 soldiers were also seriously injured. The bombing of hospitals is the enemy’s only achievement in this war, he stated: easy and quick revenge is only to satisfy the [Zionist] internal front.

He pointed to the destruction recorded More than 160 Zionist military vehicles in this war emphasized: The sacrifice of our resistance forces is the prelude to victory.

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