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United Nations: Hospitals are not battlefields and must be safe

The Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations emphasized that the war measures in the medical centers of Gaza have no justification and said that the hospitals are not battlefields and should be safe.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, “Martin Griffiths”, the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations for Humanitarian Affairs, said on Saturday evening that military actions in medical centers have no justification.

It was an hour ago that the Palestinian Red Crescent reported that the tanks and armored vehicles of the Zionist regime surrounded Al-Quds Hospital from all directions. He said: “It has been under siege for three consecutive days and the Zionist enemy wants us to leave the hospital, but we refuse this request.” Kurd: “We challenge the occupiers to be able to prove the presence of a person from the resistance groups in the hospital”.

The head of Al-Rentisi Hospital’s surgery department said: “Children in Gaza are deprived of any services and currently have nowhere to be treated.”

Armored tanks of the occupying regime have surrounded the “Alrentisi” and “Al-Nasr” hospitals for children, and two other hospitals active in the field of ophthalmology and mental health.

According to news sources, thousands of patients, hospital staff, medical staff and refugees are trapped in hospitals without food and water and are at risk of death at any moment.

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