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China’s military movements worried Taiwan

The Ministry of Defense of Taiwan announced on Sunday (today) that the fighter of the Chinese army made seven sorties around the Taiwan Strait and sent five warships to this area.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, in a situation where Beijing officials have repeatedly declared that Taiwan is part of the unified Chinese territory, China’s military movements around the Taiwan Strait have made news.

According to Fox News News” and the American news agency “Associated Press”, Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense reported that the Chinese military fighter aircraft flew seven sorties near the Taiwan Strait and sent five warships around the strait.

The “People’s Liberation Army of China” (Chinese Army) announced on Saturday (yesterday) that the country’s fighter and warships participated in a 24-hour operation near the Taiwan Strait.

The American media report states: “China, which claims that Taiwan is part of its territory, flies warplanes towards this island almost every day.”

” Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mao Ning recently faced a question during a press conference in Beijing about Taiwan’s warnings about Chinese military movements near this island.

Saval emphasized that there is no such thing as a “middle and dividing line” between China and Taiwan because Taiwan is part of China’s territory.

The report of Fox News and Associated Press states: Most of the international community, including the United States, officially recognizes the “One China” policy, but President Biden said that the United States would respond to this action if China attacks the island (Taiwan), although the White House later on this comment. Chinese officials have repeatedly warned the United States and its allies against interfering in China’s internal affairs, saying that Beijing will use all means to deal with any attempt by “Taiwanese separatists”.

According to American media, “China has continued its aggressive efforts to expand its influence across the Pacific Ocean in recent months, including large-scale military maneuvers in the air and waters. It is around Taiwan. United States of America. It is the main supplier of arms to Taiwan and opposes any attempt to change the status of Taiwan by force”.

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