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Netanyahu scrambles for an “unreal” victory in Gaza

A Zionist writer pointed out that the ground operations in Gaza are very difficult and Israel will never be able to destroy the Hamas movement, emphasizing that Netanyahu’s talk of a long war is unrealistic in the context of his marketing efforts for a victory.

– International News

According to the international group Tasnim news agency, while many Zionist circles and experts talk about the heavy consequences The continuation of the Gaza war has warned the Zionist regime and they emphasize that the Israeli army and especially its ground forces do not have the strength to continue this war, a prominent Israeli writer and analyst announced that the Hamas movement is well prepared for this war and the words of Benjamin Netanyahu ( The Prime Minister of the occupation regime) about a long war, is actually a marketing for an unrealistic victory in this war.

Zionist expert and writer “Nahum Barnia” in an article published in Yediot Aharonot newspaper, referring to the ground operations in the Strip. Gaza announced that tough battles are going on between Israeli army soldiers and Hamas elements, and Hamas is well prepared for this war and continues to fight. The backbone of the Hamas movement, Yahya al-Sanwar, is still present with strength.

He added that the next few days may be the final and decisive stage for both sides of the war and the efforts of the United States and Qatar to reach the freedom deal. be prisoners But after this period, we do not think that Israel will be able to resist the pressure for a ceasefire; Especially if the case of Israeli prisoners who are in the hands of Hamas is on the table.

This Zionist writer said about whether Israel can resume its ground maneuvers after the ceasefire or not, the experiences of previous wars, both in Gaza And what Lebanon shows that Israel does not have much time for this. One day after the declaration of a ceasefire, the conflicts must stop completely and people start their normal lives, and the world expects the conditions to be different from the war period. Also, the reserve forces of the Israeli army want to return to their homes. The beginning of the ground war in the Gaza Strip/ There is no safe place in Gaza

Former head of Mossad: Netanyahu has destroyed Israel
Israeli analysts : Netanyahu brags about the achievements of the war, but the reality on the ground is something else. There is no guarantee that Israel will be able to get Al-Sanwar and his companions in the current period, and even if these Hamas leaders are removed, the Hamas movement will not be destroyed. After that, Israel must know that it cannot make decisions on its own and needs the American government and must listen to the Americans. The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has lost his votes in the United States, which intensifies his need to establish an imminent cease-fire in Gaza. Gaza said that unfortunately there is no such prospect and that Netanyahu is talking about a long war because he is marketing for an unrealistic victory. This Zionist writer emphasized in the end, in the light of this situation, we must say Any Israeli soldier who leaves Gaza alive is a victory for us, and every time the Israeli army forces advance in Gaza with fewer casualties, it means victory.

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