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Afghanistan Ministry of Immigration: Islamabad’s action against Afghan refugees was hasty

The Deputy Minister of Immigration of Afghanistan called Pakistan’s action against the deportation of Afghan refugees as hasty.

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According to the regional office of Tasnim News Agency, “Mohammed In a press conference, Ursula Khoruti, deputy of the Taliban’s Ministry of Refugees and Returnees, called Pakistan’s action against expelling Afghan refugees hasty and admitted: Islamabad must take a responsible action against Afghan refugees and give them the opportunity to return to their country of their own accord. come back.

Afghanistan’s Deputy Minister of Immigration stated: In the last two weeks, nearly 300,000 Afghan refugees have entered the country from neighboring countries, especially Pakistan.

Arsla Khoruti added: Pakistan hastily made a decision in the area of ​​refugees and violated the rights of refugees even though they are in accordance with international laws.

The dialogue called for an increase in the aid of the international community and international organizations, he considered these aids insufficient and said that this amount should not be enough. People were provided with services, facilities were created, their problems were taken care of, but their challenges were not taken into account and no services were provided!

John Achakzai, Minister of Information of Balochistan State, said in a press conference that the deportation of illegal Afghan refugees will continue.

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