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Hezbollah official: The possibility of destroying Hamas is an illusion

The head of Lebanon’s Hezbollah Executive Council said that the Israeli regime is delusional if it thinks it can destroy Hamas.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, Seyyed Hashem Safiuddin, head of the Lebanese Hezbollah Council, said today (Sunday) that resistance is a necessity and the weapon of resistance will remain.

According to Al-Mayadin Network website, Safiuddin said that Lebanese Hezbollah adheres to the equation of killing against killing, and the resistance is now in a position of action and is always ready to defend the country and the people of Lebanon.

He added: “Security comes with weapons, blood and our own will; “We are now facing an enemy that does not adhere to any values ​​and at the same time uses the political support of the United States to target everything in Gaza,” this Hezbollah official said, referring to the regime’s attacks. The occupier of Gaza emphasized that the events in Gaza showed that no force in the world can be relied on. Kurds, who had threatened, will destroy Beirut like Gaza; He said: “If the enemy’s goal is to frighten us with his crimes, he should know that the scenes of killings make people more determined to join the resistance than before.”

This Hezbollah official emphasized in response to the Israeli authorities: “The enemy lives in an illusion and thinks that he can destroy Hamas or other resistance groups; Hamas and the resistance will remain, and the buildings and hospitals will be built better than before, and the resistance will become stronger, because it is a real resistance.” “Two governments” and said that this solution is over and resistance is the only guaranteed option.

Ghazi Hamad, a member of the political office of Hamas, also responded to Washington’s claims yesterday. And Tel Aviv stated that the power of this movement in the Gaza Strip has been lost and it has no impact on the future: “We are part of the Palestinian national fabric and we will be with the resistance”.

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