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Head of Gazprom: The West continues to use Russian gas

The head of Gazprom said in a statement that although the European Union claims that it no longer uses Russian gas, it is still receiving gas from this country.

According to the report of the international group of Fars news agency, the statements of the CEO of the Russian company Gazprom regarding the gas needs of European countries to Russian gas resources are raised while Brussels had previously claimed that this union, It has overcome its dependence on energy supply from Russia after the sanctions imposed on this country under the influence of the Ukraine war. Gazprom, as the largest natural gas producer in the world, said in an interview with one of the Russian state media: A number of European countries have already emphasized that they have completely removed their dependence on Russian gas, despite this. that they are still receiving fuel from this country.

This executive official did not provide any details of the amount and volume of gas received by EU countries from Russia and Addressing the European countries, Tanaeh said: There is no indication to find out which country the gas passing through the gas pipeline belongs to. However, we know that Russian gas is being supplied to a number of European countries that have embargoed its use. One of the 27 member states of the European Union is still consuming Russian gas despite Western sanctions.

However, he pointed out that Russia currently transfers its natural gas through Ukraine to the Baumgarten gas center in Austria, which is one of the largest gas companies in Europe.

Miller in this regard He admitted: Austria is one of the largest gas supply centers in Europe, which supplies gas to many European countries, and gas is supplied to most European countries through the Baumgarten center.

Many Russian executive officials say that Russia continues to supply gas to the countries of South and Southeast Europe based on the existing gas contracts.

Miller clearly stated Kurd: Of course, Russian gas continues to flow in European markets and its volume is not small at all, and he repeated that the fuel we send is used by those countries that claim to have completely freed themselves from dependence on Russian gas.

In 2022, the supply of Russian gas to the EU market began to decrease due to the destruction of the Nord Stream natural gas pipelines, and finally, under the influence of tensions with the West, many member states The European Union refused to pay for their gas imports from Russia in rubles.

The Netherlands, Denmark, Bulgaria and Finland were among these European countries. Against the sanctions imposed on Russia, Russia asked the member states of the Union to change their payments to this country in exchange for receiving the gas they need in rubles instead of euros and dollars in order to confront the West.

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