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Israel’s 6 challenges at the same time as the Gaza war according to the Zionist analyst

A Zionist analyst pointed out six important challenges at different levels that Israel has to deal with at the same time as the Gaza war.

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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, the Hebrew newspaper Israel Hum in a report referring to the complex situation The Zionist regime announced during the Gaza war that Israel has to deal with 6 political, operational and economic challenges simultaneously with the Gaza war.

This Hebrew media in an article written Yoav Limour, an analyst of the military affairs of the Zionist regime, describes the 6 challenges of Israel in the midst of the Gaza war as follows.

According to Yoav Limour, Israel’s first important challenge is the war with Hezbollah on the northern front, and in a situation where Israel must prevent the war from spreading to other fronts, tensions with Hezbollah continue to rise. In addition to that, the missile operations from the Yemeni side are still continuing and the Iraqi groups have also put pressure on Israel by targeting American bases. prevent the spread of war on different fronts.

The West Bank challenge

based on The article is Israel’s second challenge related to the West Bank; where the Palestinians in this region have increased their operations against Israel in solidarity with Gaza, and Israel must open its eyes to make sure that the situation in the West Bank does not explode; because the danger of the West Bank cannot be ignored. Nuclear Gaza is not a mistake, it is an approach Israel’s withdrawal plan from Gaza worries

Hebrew media: differences The commanders of the Israeli army are serious about dealing with Gaza. But the third challenge of the Zionist regime, according to Yoav Limour, is the issue of Israeli prisoners who are in the hands of the Palestinian resistance. While a long time has passed since the actions of different parties to solve this case, the probability of solving it is low. Israeli political and security officials go to bed every night and wake up in the morning with the image of Israeli prisoners in the hands of Hamas.

Diplomatic challenge

This Zionist analyst said about the fourth challenge of the Zionist regime that many western governments and even some countries in the region continue to support Israel, but there are many criticisms from the public opinion of the world against Israel. and we need increasing diplomatic efforts to gain legitimacy to continue the war.

Economic Challenge

In the rest of this article, the economic challenge of the Zionist regime after the start of the Al-Aqsa storm operation is mentioned; Especially after the evacuation of Zionist settlements and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Israelis.

Media challenge

However, the sixth challenge of the Zionist regime at the same time as the Gaza war, according to Israel Hume’s article, is the media challenge.

According to this article, Israel in The media field has not performed properly in the war and its situation has worsened compared to last year and currently it cannot make any achievements in this field. Therefore, it should immediately attract elites and experts in the field of media; Because the media is considered a central arena and has a decisive influence on the decisions of world leaders.

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