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Ukraine’s role in the Nord Stream pipeline explosion becomes clearer

New findings about the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline attack case show that a Ukrainian special forces commander was also involved in this action.

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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, new findings about the attack on the Nord gas pipeline Stream 2 of the Baltic Sea indicates the involvement of a Ukrainian special forces commander.

As the investigations of “Spiegel” and “Washington Post” show, Roman Tchervinsky, a former agent of the Ukrainian intelligence service, is said to have played an important role. In these attacks, there was an explosion in September 2022. According to this, 48-year-old Roman Tchervinsky was one of the main characters behind these attacks and it is said that he “coordinated” this attack. Tchervinsky’s name is mentioned in this context both in Ukrainian and international security circles. This is the clearest evidence to date that the attack was carried out by Ukrainian perpetrators.

The findings of this investigation coincide with an earlier reconstruction of the crime by the German publication Die Sight. Accordingly, the Dutch military intelligence service and the CIA had prior information about an attack being prepared by a group that was “immediately” reported to Ukraine’s Chief of General Staff Valery Zalogeny. Tchervinsky was said to be serving in a volunteer unit of Ukraine’s special forces at the time.

As SPIEGEL’s investigation now shows, investigators from the Federal Criminal Police Office, the Federal Police and the Federal Prosecutor General’s Office are looking for additional evidence. have collected that refers to such a crime. German security circles are also almost convinced that at least the Ukrainian General Staff was informed of this sabotage operation.

Tchervinsky was a member of the Ukrainian secret services SBU and GUR for many years. Among other things, he is said to have been involved in the 2019 kidnapping of separatist Vladimir Zemach, who was involved in the downing of flight MH17. It is also said that Tchervinsky was involved in the fake recruitment of dozens of Wagner’s mercenaries who were supposed to be taken to Ukraine. It is a trial. He is accused of trying to convince a Russian fighter jet pilot to escape and exceeding the limits of his powers and duties. Of course, this former official of the Ukrainian army describes these accusations as politically motivated and has criticized the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and his people in the past.

When “Spiegel” and the Washington Post He called, Tchervinsky himself denied involvement in the attack. His lawyer said the evidence pointed to “Russian propaganda”. Ukrainian President Zelensky also denied Ukraine’s involvement in these explosions in the past, and it is said that the Ukrainian government has left unanswered a repeated request.

In this way, the name of a suspected mastermind from Ukraine’s security apparatus is the clearest evidence to date that gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea were blown up by Ukrainian agents. Investigators of the Federal Criminal Police Office, the Federal Police and the Federal Prosecutor General have now collected numerous clues that point to Ukraine. German security circles say that the idea that at least the Ukrainian General Staff is involved in sabotage operations. It is difficult not to be informed.

According to the findings of German investigators, the perpetrators of this act rented the yacht “Andromeda” for their attack and took it to the attack sites in the Baltic Sea through several stops. Divers are then said to have brought explosives to pipelines on the seabed.

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