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Erdogan: The future of the world and people’s lives cannot be left in the hands of 5 countries with veto power

Criticizing the Security Council’s passivity towards Gaza, the President of Turkey said: “The future of the world and people’s lives cannot be left in the hands of 5 countries with veto power.”

According to Fars International News Agency, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a conversation with reporters on his way back from Saudi Arabia: Israel is targeting refugee camps, hospitals, schools, mosques and churches. has committed war crimes in Gaza.

He pointed to the failure of the Security Council to provide a solution to stop the war in Gaza and emphasized: the future of the world and people’s lives cannot be in the hands of 5 countries with vetoed the UN Security Council.

On Friday, the UN Security Council held its fifth meeting on the Palestinian issue, and the failure of this council to pass even one resolution on the Gaza war. It has been criticized for its ineffectiveness.

He also criticized the American policy towards the current crisis in occupied Palestine and said: If Joe Biden’s approach is that Gaza is part of The lands belong to Israel and not to the Palestinian people, so no understanding can be reached with him.

The Turkish president had traveled to Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, yesterday to participate in the Arab-Islamic meeting about Gaza.

In his speech at this meeting, he stressed: “Words cannot describe what is happening in Gaza and the brutal attacks on hospitals, places of worship and schools.” We saw mothers in Gaza who died while holding their children, and we saw fathers who were looking for their family members under the rubble.” Recep Tayyip Erdoğan continued: “Israel is trying to take revenge for the events of October 7th (when the Al-Aqsa storm operation began) by killing innocent people, children and women. 73% of those who lost their lives in Gaza and the West Bank were women and children. This madness cannot be understood.

Erdogan added: “Western countries did not even demand a ceasefire in Gaza. Those who remain silent in the face of oppression are equally complicit in this oppression. America and the West claim human rights; But unfortunately, they have forgotten human rights in response to Israel’s actions.

He also pointed out: “Our priority is a permanent ceasefire in Gaza and sending continuous humanitarian aid to this region.”

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