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Sobhani: In our opinion, the path that is not under the national sovereignty of Armenia is rejected

The ambassador of Iran in Armenia said about the creation of a corridor to connect Azerbaijan to Nakhchivan from the territory of Armenia: a route that is not under the supervision and national sovereignty of Armenia is rejected in our opinion and we are against domination.

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According to the foreign policy reporter of Tasnim News Agency, Mahdi Sobhani, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Armenia in In a conversation with the “Civil Net” media of this country regarding Iran-Armenia relations, he said: Iran-Armenia relations are long-standing and deep. Since the beginning of Armenia’s independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union, we have established good relations with Armenia and at all different political, security, economic, cultural and scientific levels, we have been able to establish comprehensive and stable relations with Armenia.

He added: Since the beginning of establishing relations, the process of cooperation between the two countries has been a forward process. Although we have the smallest border with Armenia, it is the best border. We have never felt threatened by Armenia and Armenia has never felt threatened by Iran. Our border has been a border of friendship and useful cooperation. It has been a breathing border for Armenia in terms of communication with Iran and the countries along the Persian Gulf and the south. For Iran, Armenia has been a path to the north, Georgia and other countries that are along this northern path.

Sabhani continued: In the political sector, the two countries have always supported each other and the positions of the two countries It has been very close in connection with global and regional events. There is mutual trust between the two countries. The contacts of the high officials of the two countries have always been established and there is a constructive relationship.

The Iranian ambassador, referring to the commercial cooperation between Iran and Armenia, said: the growth of cooperation has been upward during the past years, and now we are proud to say that 711 million dollars We had a volume of business transactions. We hope to reach one billion dollars this year. Armenia is a platform for communication with 200 million people in the Eurasian Union and can open the way of trade with countries.

He added: Two months ago, we extended the contract related to the transfer of gas to Armenia, which is a strategic step in the relations between the two countries. According to this contract, we are able to increase the amount of electricity import from Armenia to 3 times the amount of gas export. We have good projects with Armenia. The power transmission line, which I hope will be completed in the next few months. Recently, we concluded a strategic and strategic contract in the field of transportation and road construction with Armenia, which is worth 212 million dollars. This is the biggest project that has been concluded between Iranian companies and the Armenian government.

Iran is against the routes that question the national sovereignty of Armenia. . This is not the position of an average person. It is the position of the supreme leader of the revolution that he clearly said that we do not accept any geopolitical change and change of borders. The concept is what is hidden in the heart of this clear and transparent stance, we are in favor of Armenia’s independence, territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Armenia, and we are against anything that wants to harm the international borders.

He added: In the discussion of the corridor, the corridor in international literature means a communication path, but in the case of Armenia, when it is brought up, it has a special legal burden. It seems that those who use this phrase follow a certain concept. They have other thoughts behind these statements.

Iran’s ambassador continued: We are not against communication routes. No one can disagree with this and say why you have a relationship with your neighbor! However, we are against those routes that are outside the national sovereignty of Armenia and question the independence of Armenia. You cannot say to an independent country that has national sovereignty that you cannot exercise your national sovereignty in your own land.

He clarified: The path that is not under the supervision and national sovereignty of Armenia is rejected in our opinion. This is the same thinking that believes in geopolitical changes. We are against dominance. The countries that fought for years and were against others dominating their land, should not have this idea now.

Sabhani said regarding the statements about the new route connecting Azerbaijan to Nakhchivan from Iranian soil. This is not a new path. There may be a specific purpose behind this psychological advertising. Previously, Azerbaijani trucks traveled this route to connect with Nakhchivan. These trucks were for fuel and they were damaged. In order to make this route closer and to reduce our road damage, they changed the route to make it easier for them to travel. This is not a substitute for another path at all.

The 3+3 format is to reach a common understanding to solve problems

Sabhani said about holding the 3+3 format in Tehran and its effects in the region: We are particularly interested in establishing peace. The destination is important for us and the destination is to establish peace, countries respect each other’s sovereignty and not seek military solutions. The 3+3 format is one of these paths that can lead to peace and can calm the atmosphere.

He explained about the importance of this format: First, this was the first time that this format was held in Tehran at the level of foreign ministers. This shows that Iran can become a center of diplomacy in the region and this center can be a messenger of peace, security and tranquility in the region. Iran wanted to show by this that I am looking for peace.

Iran’s ambassador to Armenia added: The next message of this format is that regional issues should be resolved within the region. Because the consequences of the region’s problems must be borne by the countries of the region. Countries that are far from the region will not be harmed if there is a war, but the countries in the region will be harmed. Therefore, regional issues should be resolved by these countries. The 3+3 format wants to say that regional issues should be resolved within the region. This is a real format to reach a common understanding to resolve issues.

This Iranian diplomat said about the Nagorno-Karabakh issue: Iran’s official position regarding Nagorno-Karabakh has already been announced that we respect the territorial integrity of both Armenia and We also recognize Azerbaijan within the framework of international regulations and the United Nations, but it does not mean that the rights of the people who are there will be lost. We believe that the rights of the people of Karabagh should be respected. They should have the right to determine their own destiny, and this is a fact that no one can ignore.

In response to a question about the prospects of economic relations between Iran and Armenia, the Iranian ambassador said: We have many capacities with Armenia. We want to contribute to the economic development of Armenia and its prosperity. When I say contribution, it means to help and play a role. Now our business is 711 million dollars and this year it will reach almost 1 billion dollars. We have identified new potentials and they exist. We should go towards these and be able to use the capacities. The goal of the leaders of the two countries is that we reach 3 billion dollars in trade volume.

He added: We must prepare the infrastructure for this trade. The first infrastructure that should be paid attention to is the bridge between Armenia and Iran, which has a limited capacity. During the visit of the Minister of Roads and Urban Development, we decided to build a new bridge over Aras. This will help the traffic flow.

Sabhani also said: The next step is the customs of the two countries. Customs must be developed and updated. The next step is roads. The construction of the Agarat-Gajran road can increase the traffic speed and establish a real connection between the north and the south.

He finally stated: We have many capacities and we can solve many of Armenia’s needs in different sectors. The technical and engineering services of Iranian companies are extremely wide. What happened to Armenia and Georgia?

Iran and Russia’s emphasis on collective efforts in 3+3 format in the way of strengthening regional security and stability

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